This all-electric concept car by Porsche incorporates advanced technology from the 718 GT4 e-Performance.

By Sony Thomas

On June 8, 1948, the iconic 356 No. 1 Roadster obtained its official operating permit, marking the historic birth of the Porsche sports car brand. Earlier this year, the Stuttgart factory marked its 75th anniversary year and paid tribute to its roots with the introduction of the Vision 357, a concept car that embodies Ferry Porsche’s vision of the ultimate sports car, just like the revered 356. Now, the German carmaker has revealed the Vision 357 Speedster, a companion model to the Vision 357.

This all-electric concept car pays tribute to the 356 while incorporating the advanced technology of the 718 GT4 e-Performance. The Vision 357 Speedster borrows electric motors and battery systems from the Mission R and the chassis from the 718 GT4 Clubsport.

The exterior design of the Vision 357 Speedster features a shortened windshield and a one-sided tonneau cover, characteristic of speedsters. The carbon fibre roll-over element behind the driver’s headrest adds a distinctive touch. The concept car showcases a two-tone colour scheme with Marble Grey and Grivelo Grey Metallic, complemented by Miami Blue accents. The anniversary logo incorporates Grivelo Grey Metallic and Miami Blue, while unicorn graphics and a “Speedster” emblem add further visual appeal. The exterior mirrors are replaced by cameras for improved aerodynamics. The wide track of the car is aimed at enhancing stability, and the 20-inch magnesium wheels with carbon fibre hubcaps pay homage to the historic Porsche 356 A and 356 B models.

The interior design focuses on the driver, with a low-slung seating position and a carbon fibre finish for the dashboard. The carbon fibre reinforced plastic seat shell is seamlessly integrated into the monocoque, while the driver sits comfortably on Racetex-covered pads, securely held in place by a six-point seat belt featuring a Miami Blue belt strap. The transparent surface above the steering column serves as the instrument cluster, and the individual controls adopt the exterior’s accent colour. The entire dashboard features an exquisite carbon fibre finish, and instead of a traditional glove compartment, Miami Blue straps in the upper right section provide a means to secure accessories. In a weight-saving measure inspired by racing, simple fabric straps replace conventional door handles.

After its premiere at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the design study of the Vision 357 Speedster will be presented at the Rennsport Reunion in the United States in September.

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