Luxurious hair treatments

Need some help managing unruly or damaged hair? These are our in-salon solves.

By Ingrid Wood

I am of the firm belief that a good hair day is connected to my happiness. I know how much more confident and upbeat I feel after a blow-dry or even after a good hair wash post sweaty gym session. And while it may seem superfluous to some, the notion of beauty meeting wellness is very real – healthy skin and healthy hair is not about vanity, it’s about prioritising what makes you feel good.

Unfortunately, not all days can be good hair days. But there are a few treatments and products out there that can make your hair healthier and more manageable.

Label M M-Plex Bond Repair

Best for: Damaged hair that needs deep repair.

What does it do? It repairs hair that has been damaged from chemical processes, providing a smoothing effect which means more shine and easier to manage.

How? Disulphide bonds stabilise the protein in your hair and protein is needed for strength. If these bonds are weakened (by chemical processes), your hair will weaken and can even break. The M-Plex Bond technology works to repair and protect these disulphide bonds.

LABEL.M M-Plex Bond Repairing Miracle Mask

This is a real solution for dry and brittle hair – it makes it instantly smoother. It is important to use the right products at home to maintain the results, says stylist Susan at Cocoon Hair Salon in Parktown North. The M-Plex Repairing Shampoo (R695) and Conditioner (R725) are intensely hydrating and give the hair shine and softness. For an added treat The Repairing Miracle Mask (R650) is just that – an addictive miracle treatment. Tip from Susan: “Once you have had the in-salon treatment, I recommend maintaining the results by doing the shampoo / mask combination once a week, and the normal shampoo / conditioner combo in between. You can even apply the hair mask in the shower. Simply squeeze out the excess water after shampooing, apply the mask and leave in while you finish the rest of your shower routine.”

Where? Add it to your in-salon colour or do as a stand-alone treatment. Go to Cocoon Hair Salon for a personalised consultation and treatment or for a further list of salons and online shopping: https://www.haircair.co.za/

pHrizzy-o-therapy by 72 Hair

Best for: Frizzy, unruly hair.

What does it do? It delivers a semi-permanent, sleek finish and strengthens the hair.

How? This treatment adds more cysteine to the hair. Cysteine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein, which is fundamental to hair health. Under the correct pH and temperature the cysteine bridges are “rearranged”. As the bonds are fused, frizz is removed and shine optimised. It’s suitable for all hair types.

The simplicity of the process is very attractive: one (formaldehyde-free) shampoo step – the application needs a 30-50 minute developing time (depends on hair type) – and you can wash your hair again whenever you like (no waiting 48 hours like some smoothing treatments). It lasts 10-12 weeks and gives a weightless feel to the hair without lankness. It’s a progressive treatment which means the results get better the more you use it. For optimum results, use the after-care products, which are vegan-friendly, sulphate- and paraben-free. There are two shampoo options (Nourishing and Intense Moisture), Intense Replenishing Mask, Blow Dry Cream (which holds a blow-dry) and Repairing Oil.

Where: For info and salons: https://www.instagram.com/shift_hairandbeauty/

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