The newest release from the ultimate traveller’s fragrance, Memo Paris, takes you on a bewitching journey to the heart of Texas.

By YourLuxury

Come with us to Marfa, a magical town in the heart of Texas filled with mystery and dazzling light.

Marfa is the newest destination in the remarkable Memo Paris fragrance journey and the inspiration for a new and unique scent, Marfa Oud.

Inspired by the big Texan sky and the silence of wide open spaces, Marfa Oud by Memo Paris will transport you with mysterious notes of tuberose and vanilla seed as well as woody notes of cedar and sandalwood and the heady tones of orange blossom and ylangylang.

Memo Paris bottles have become as seductive as the juice inside – with a startling wide-open, all-seeing eye emblazoned on Marfa Oud a clear indication this is something special. This fragrance beckons and will hold your gaze – the power of an unforgettable flower such as tuberose.

Memo Paris fragrances, something of a cult brand in the world of niche fragrances, was founded by Clara and John Molloy. Since 2007, their Memo Paris adventure has resulted in a collection from afar that now boasts fifteen fragrances – each time taking a destination and making it the point of departure for a sense-awakening epic.

Their decision to create a travel-inspired collection was guided by their past and their convictions: John Molloy grew up in the bracing Irish countryside, surrounded by horses, before travelling the world to discover other cultures and life beyond working leather and the land. A native of Andalusia, and thus sensitive to outside influences, Clara Molloy forged her love of accents in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Catalan pine trees and Swiss mountains. Travel to her is as necessary as breathing, an open book on life.

They saw fragrance as a means of taking a magical journey, extended beyond its end and constantly retravelled. Imagining the bottle as a destination appealed to them. Fragrance has the same rite-of-passage dimension as travel, serving as a threshold between the known and the unknown. Smelling, breathing in a scent, is accepting to leave a safety zone in search of new sensations, and tying them to one’s personal experience.

Marfa Oud will transport you to the heart of Texas.

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