YLA November 2022 Edition

Luxury (noun): the fact of enjoying special and expensive things /a thing that is expensive but not essential, but that gives you pleasure.

By Ingrid Wood

Writing this note, I cannot believe that this debut edition of the YourLuxury Africa Special Edition is about to go to print. It’s been a whirlwind few months of beautiful things like watches, gems and fragrances, as well as the more practical things that must happen when a new publication is launched such as font decisions, Zoom meetings, photo shoots – and many discussions about the meaning of luxury.

We understand that everyone has a different interpretation of luxury. For one person, it might be enjoying special and exclusive things. For another, it may be the luxury of time. A Rolex or a retreat? A tennis bracelet or simply a game of tennis with friends?

As the definition above says, luxury is the fact of enjoying special things, things that give you pleasure.

What is your luxury? Over the pages of our magazine, which are wrapped in colour and exuberance in keeping with our theme of a Brave and Bold New World, you can enjoy a colourful cocktail of dials and gems and delve into the aesthetic innovations that underpin wearable luxury.

The brands featured between our covers continue to courageously revolutionise and customise their offerings to serve this brave new world, pushing technical boundaries, without ever compromising on style. And no matter how technical a work of art may be – whether a car or a timepiece, eau de parfum or an exceptional wine – there is always that human touch, and we are proud to be able to highlight that craftsmanship.

Ultimately, we hope you get to luxuriate in a couple of hours reading this edition, because if there’s a luxury we all deserve, it’s me-time.

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