The authentic spirit of fine Mexican tequila lives on through the devotion of Don Julio.

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It’s early morning in Atotonilco, Mexico. The sun has just risen above the crest of the ochre hills and illuminates the silhouette of a man bent over neatly planted rows of Agave plants as the cool of the dawn slowly gives way to the heat of the day. The man is Julio Gonzales and he is doing what he does every morning because it’s his passion. Julio carefully trims around each succulent, making sure that no invading weeds or grass can steal precious water and nutrients from his treasured agave, as he knows that only healthy plants can produce the high-quality tequila that he loves making.

It was with this devotion that the legend of Don Julio and his La Primavera tequila distillery was born in 1942. The craft of working with the rich red soil of Jalisco ran in Julio Gonzalez’s blood. He had been a farmer for most of his life, so where the unforgiving highlands of Atotonilco struck fear into the hearts of lesser men, Julio saw only opportunity. More than 80 years later, we have Don Julio and his humble passion to thank for a range of extraordinary tequilas that evoke the spirit of Mexico, of entrepreneurship, family and the community of Jimadores that make Don Julio possible.


Step into the Don Julio family circle and taste the soul of Mexico through the fruits of Don Julio’s labour. The distillery still uses the original recipe and distilling techniques founded by Don Julio back in 1942, but has infused these time-honoured traditions with a modern twist to appeal to a new generation of tequila lovers that appreciate quality based on years of expertise. Don Julio would be proud.


New to our shores, Don Julio Blanco is the perfect addition to a tequila cocktail. Its fresh, crisp notes of agave and citrus brighten up any mix. While Reposado is already well-known to South African tequila afficionados – its distinctive amber bottle revealing a hint of its mellow flavours – the Don Julio Anejo is best served at celebrations where family and friends come together. The aroma and palette are rich and complex, a result of being perfectly aged, and so are the signature flavour profiles of this iconic Mexican tequila.


The perfect cocktail made with Don Julio Blanco; use a rocks glass to release the aromas and flavours.

Sea salt, to prepare the glass rim 50ml Don Julio Blanco
25ml juice of 1 lime
15ml agave Syrup
zest of the lime, to garnish

  1. Once you have prepared your rocks glass rim with sea salt, add all the liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add the ice and shake passionately.
  3. Strain the margarita into the glass over ice.
  4. Garnish with lime zest and serve.

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