Discover Inner Peace at SALT of Palmar

Join celebrated yoga teacher Bianca Landman at the serene Mauritius resort for a five-day wellness retreat to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul

By Debbie Hathway

SALT of Palmar, a unique conscious boutique resort within The Lux Collective group, is set to host its inaugural five-day wellness retreat in Mauritius from July 8 to 12, 2024. Led by the renowned yoga teacher, fitness expert, and author Bianca Landman, this retreat promises a one-of-a-kind experience. Guests can look forward to a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation, with daily yoga and meditation sessions, restorative workshops, traditional Mauritian cuisine, and immersion in the island’s rainforests and vibrant local culture.

Kerensa Langitan, Group Spa and Wellness Manager at The Lux Collective said, “Wellbeing is our core DNA. We aim to cultivate conscious living and introduce transformative health-focused experiences across our resorts worldwide. At SALT of Palmar, we emphasise mindful explorations, inspiring our guests to achieve balance and energy through practical lifestyle techniques.” SALT of Palmar’s dedication to sustainability ensures a positive impact and memorable stay. It focuses on empowering local communities, celebrating local culture, and preserving the environment – all important in decision-making among wellness tourists today.

Bianca Landman

Bianca Landman, SALT’s esteemed retreat leader, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in various training modalities, including HIIT, sports, group training, and hormone and detox coaching, she is well-equipped to guide guests on their wellness journey. As an author and founder of Happier Life, a company dedicated to holistic self-care routines for women, and one of the first AquaPhysicalFitness trainers worldwide, having founded FloatFit in the Netherlands in 2017, Bianca is a trusted name in the wellness industry.

“What I bring to the retreat is simple yoga sessions that people like because they feel it is something they can do. The feedback I get when we do yoga is they need to do this more often; it feels so good,” she says.

One of the unique features of the five-day retreat is the personal consultation on arrival. This allows guests to ask questions about maintaining their practice at home and recovering from injury and learn how to incorporate wellness into their daily lives. Bianca will teach them how to move their body and breathe effectively and show them what kind of exercises will work for them. This is not just a five-day retreat; it’s a wellness journey that continues long after the retreat ends.

The event is not just about serious yoga and meditation. It’s about finding joy and laughter in the journey. The programme includes sunrise yoga, sunset meditation, forest bathing in Bras d’Eau National Park, invigorating water-based exercises, and wellness workshops focused on sustainable lifestyle practices. “I’m really gentle. I have an eye for every person. And I also like to bring in some joy. Yoga can be seen as very serious, but we can have a laughing moment, or we can do something funny. That’s what makes my classes enjoyable. It’s about finding balance and joy in every moment.”

The joyful theme emanates throughout SALT, the first Design Hotel member in Mauritius, which was recently honoured with Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards 2024 Best of the Best Hotels, ranking as the #1 Luxury Hotel in Africa. In fact, it was a key motivator for French designer Camille Walala when asked what reaction she wanted her décor to elicit from guests. She simply said she wanted “to make the SALT guest smile”. And she succeeds, all day, every day, in this relaxing, fun and friendly space that makes a hero of Mauritius’s incredible beauty.

This aligns with consumers’ wellness goals for 2024, despite medical professionals advocating for laughter as the best medicine since the 1300s. According to ClassPass, which collates the world’s best fitness classes and wellness experiences in one app, 33 per cent of consumers are rediscovering their inner child, prioritising fun and play that supports their wellbeing and making time for joyful pursuits, especially in nature.

Culinary experiences at The Good Kitchen, the resort’s acclaimed restaurant, will be an attraction during the five-day programme. Known for its locally rooted yet globally inspired cuisine, The Good Kitchen offers traditional Mauritian dishes alongside vegan and raw options. Guests can also participate in culinary workshops on kombucha making, food scrap regrowth initiatives, and vegan cooking.

For an enhanced experience, guests can opt for salt-based treatments at SALT Equilibrium, the hotel’s spa. It features a purifying SALT Room for halotherapy with pink Himalayan salt vapour.

SALT of Palmar halotherapy room

SALT of Palmar’s location on the Palmar lagoon and ethos make it the perfect venue for a transformative wellness retreat, reflecting the vibrant energy of Mauritius. This will be Bianca’s third visit to the resort, and I wondered how she feels when she’s there. “I feel at home. I live in the Netherlands but when I arrive through that huge gate, step in and see the pool – I can feel the calm. I like it because it’s small, and there’s no reception. You just give the staff your suitcase and enjoy a welcome drink while you take in your surroundings. There’s a library and you can see the restaurant. The food at SALT is so nice and tasty; you can have it sweet or spicier… It’s healthy also. The staff, of course, are really nice. It’s a different experience to a bigger hotel.”

Bookings for the five-day Wellness Retreat start at €509 per person (excluding accommodation, meal plan, and transfers). Early bookings qualify for a 20 per cent discount on the retreat, applicable for stays from July 5 to 15, 2024, early check-in or late check-out (availability dependent), a free room upgrade, and 10 per cent off F&B extras.

Visit SALT of Palmar or email reservation@theluxcollective.com to discover more and to reserve the room and wellness retreat package.

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