Building self-awareness is a survival tactic

Leadership expert Erik Kruger will bring life-changing advice to this month’s Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch.

By YourLuxury Africa

We live in a world full of threats and dangers, and it’s up to us to decide how we will respond. This is where leadership keynote speaker Erik Kruger will kick off his address at the Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch, which takes place later this month.

With a talk themed around his book with the evocative title “Dangerous”, Erik says he aims to remind guests that we are all capable of recalibration and finding the competence to deal with threats in our lives. “Threats and opportunities go hand in hand,” he says. “The process of dealing with threats is what makes us stronger and better people.”

Erik cites climbing Mount Everest as an example: Climbing the world’s highest mountain is dangerous, and achieving such a feat is remarkable. But it is the training and preparing for the challenge that is the actual achievement. In getting stronger and more resilient for a dangerous challenge, you have changed your life. You have now become the type of person who can overcome a danger or a threat.

Erik recommends a higher level of self-awareness to help in overcoming threats. “Only 15 per cent of us have a high level of self-awareness. We have become so busy in modern society that most of us are in survival mode, suffering from fear, frustration, and anxiety.”

“Survival mode is invisible. You don’t even realise you are in it,” says Erik. The way out of survival mode is to prioritise space in your life for self-awareness exercises – just as we make space for mealtime and physical exercise. “For 15-30 minutes a day, we should all be reflecting and slowing down. It is only through self-awareness that you will understand your motivations and how you show up, your impact on those around you and the lenses through which you view the world.”

“I want to go through the world as the best version of me, so I have to be aware and keep updating my operating system,” Erik says. He will be taking the Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch guests through some steps to get out of survival mode. “This time of the year, we are all depleted. Through a shared experience, we will find strength and realise that everyone is in the same boat.”

  • Erik Kruger is a keynote speaker and facilitator who has worked with local and international leaders and organisations. He will speak at the Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch on 18 November 2023.
  • Launched first years ago, Vastly Sage by Amanda Dambuza started as a YouTube broadcast and has evolved into a movement to inspire, connect, empower, and change lives. YourLuxury Africa is the media partner of this year’s Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch. To find out more, go to www.amandadambuza.com
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