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Experience an exclusive driving experience with the ever-luxurious, and sustainable, BMW i7

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There is something so inherently attractive about luxury. We all strive for the luxurious, and why wouldn’t we? Being surrounded by beauty, comfort and elegance brings us a sense of prestige, an aura of success. The notion of luxury, however, is changing. There is a new movement underway. It’s personal. It’s not about being the best in the world – it’s about doing the best for the world.

This is the joy of seeing a better tomorrow before it’s even here. This is Forwardism.

In the 45 years of the model’s existence, the 7 Series has signified ultimate luxury. The BMW i7 takes the luxe one step further. With its innovative interior and bold new exterior design, plus an all-electric powertrain, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re driving a car that is kind to the environment. One of the interior highlights is the 31.3 inch Theatre Screen for the rear passengers boasting crisp resolution. It works with the i7’s Bowers & Wilkins sound system or Bluetooth headphones. Sunblinds and light dimming make for a cinema-like experience. The Theatre Screen folds into the roof. The i7’s progressive character is further accentuated with the latest BMW Operating System 8, as well as the BMW Curved Display and the Manoeuvre Assistant for automated parking.

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As impressive as the interior of the new i7 is, the exterior ensures that those observing from the outside are also not left out. All around the vehicle are visually prominent surfaces, from the imposing front design to the striking rear of the sedan. The i7 exudes prominence from the front end, with a highlight being the illuminated iconic BMW kidney grille standing in tandem with two-piece split headlight units creating a presence on the road that is difficult to ignore.


While the pursuit of Forwardism and sustainability is reflected in both the interior as well as the exterior of the BMW i7, it is arguably reflected most of all under the bonnet, in internal combustion terms. What makes the i7 different from any 7 Series in the past is, of course, the source of energy that is used to set it in motion. Located within the car is a set of batteries that offer up to 400kW and 745Nm of torque at the command of the driver’s right foot. Subsequently, the i7 can reach 100km/h from a standstill in as little as 4.7 seconds. Through BMW’s innovative eDrive technology, the occupants can experience luxury and performance in silence and with zero emissions emitted by the car, emphasising that this is the most advanced and innovative vehicle in the luxury segment.

BMW i7 interior © Supplied

The X7 continues BMW’s advanced digital interior environment through the likes of its Operating System 8, and the latest generation of the iDrive control/operation system and the arrival of the BMW Curved Display. All this allows for the X7 to be more customisable in its driving dynamics, interior features and infotainment. Accompanying the X7, for the first time on any BMW model, are 23-inch diameter light alloy wheels to emphasise the power and drama that the luxury car presents while stationary or on the move. Various other high-quality exterior details – such as the three-dimensional rear lights, the eye-catching blades in the front apron with their aluminium satinated finish and illuminated BMW kidney grille – demand attention in any setting. It fascinates from the very first encounter with its combination of uncompromising power, luxurious comfort and expressive design language.

BMW i7 © Supplied

Sustainability, however, is at the heart of the new X7. It is a vehicle that is designed and built with tomorrow in mind, albeit with the materials used to produce the vehicle itself or the technology utilised to create an efficient powertrain. On the note of the powertrain, BMW has made an active effort to reduce the carbon footprint in the production of the X7 through rigorous updates that have been applied to its powertrain technology.

This article first appeared in the 2022 annual special edition of YourLuxury Africa.

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