De Beers Unveils the Extraordinary in Shanghai

At the High Jewellery event in April 2024, the diamond behemoth showcased its legacy of transforming the finest rough stones into heirloom pieces

By Debbie Hathway

De Beers Jewellers introduced “Unveiling the Extraordinary” at its High Jewellery event in Shanghai in April 2024. This presentation delves into the intricate process of creating De Beers jewellery, highlighting the House’s legacy in sourcing, cutting, and polishing exceptional diamonds into stunning works of art.

Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers, remarked that as leaders in diamond jewellery, De Beers is in the privileged position to guide its pieces from rough diamond to heirloom. The House’s heritage since 1888 inspires its designers to transform nature’s finest diamonds into exquisite jewellery pieces, prioritising perfection at every step and achieving unparalleled beauty and brilliance.

The six-chapter narrative offers unprecedented insight into the creative journey, emphasising De Beers’ commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Diamonds are primarily sourced from its four producing countries – Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa, ensuring a positive impact on local communities, wildlife and natural environments through the Building Forever initiative.

De Beers selects only the best diamonds by eye, not certificate, valuing subtle qualities beyond carat, cut, clarity, and colour. The House showcases a broad spectrum of white diamonds and specialises in Fancy coloured diamonds, each a unique natural gift.

Master diamantaires use art, science, and advanced technology to transform rough diamonds into polished gems. The De Beers Iris technology showcases the impeccable quality of the House’s diamonds, illuminating their impressive proportions, superb symmetry and excellent light reflection.

The DB Classic Ring is a highlight, featuring an 11.65-carat Fancy Intense yellow cushion-cut diamond from De Beers’ Natural Works of Art collection. This diamond, originally an 18.96-carat rough unearthed in Namibia, exemplifies the House’s unrivalled expertise in revealing a diamond’s full potential.

De Beers’ designs, such as Enchanted Lotus, Talisman, and Portraits of Nature, draw inspiration from the natural world. Master craftspeople use traditional techniques and innovative materials to create wearable art that moves fluidly with the body, the gems coming to life when worn.

The House’s extraordinary jewellery pieces are future heirlooms cherished for their exquisite craftsmanship and emotional significance, marking milestones and preserving memories.

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