Sherwood by Memo Paris

The house of Memo Paris has recently launched Sherwood a creamy sandalwood fragrance for her and him as a new addition in the Graines Vagabondes collection.

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Discover the new Eau de Parfum, Sherwood!

“The travel is the destination” is Memo’s motto: the time of the journey is an integral part of the experience; it is essential for the encounter with beauty to occur. Sherwood is inspired by the ancient Sherwood Forest, a wooded enclave in the east Midlands of England that dates back to the last ice age. It is Juliette Karagueuzoglou’s homage to this fabled and mystical location.  Like Sherwood, Juliette’s fragrance entrances and beguiles: Creamy sandalwood with hints of upcycled oak provide a base as rich and nuanced as a leafy forest floor. Like fluttering birds darting from tree branch to bush, blackcurrant, pink pepper, rose and orange blossom flash shimmering scent through the air. Throughout, spicy notes ground the fragrance in the same way that Sherwood Forest’s heady air embraces everything that lives in the deep, dark recesses of its shady glens and groves.

About the flacon

Sherwood by Memo Paris is held within a white bottle embellished with gold and black. Across its surface, the gnarled and aged boughs of the famous Major Oak writhe and twist. This tree, hidden within the depths of Sherwood Forest, is most well known as the hiding place of the legendary Robin Hood and his merry men. A swift arrow, freshly released from its bow, is depicted buried within the wood of one of the Major Oak’s branches; a clever nod to the man who brought wealth to those that needed it the most.

The Palette of a Fragrance

Illustrator Maël Nozahic’s swirling, romantic watercolours enliven and enhance the Sherwood by Memo Paris campaign. Step into an Impressionist wonderscape pulsing with texture, jewelled colour, and compelling mystery as you wander through lush forests made almost real in tones of light and deep blue, garnet red and emerald greens.


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