Celebrity hairstylist Sean Cox of Swept Hairdressing is an avid reader, collects shoes and says the updated bob is this year’s statement look.

By Leigh Herringer

On most days I wear black.

My sneakers are Nike and Common Projects.

Sean’s sneakers of choice: Common Projects

My idea of luxury is having time to do what I want with who I want, usually my family. I’m always at work so when the opportunities come, I love the feeling of being with them. Luxury is a feeling – being together and looking back on those times.

The top haircut of 2023 is the bob – it’s always such a statement look, but it’s honestly one of the hardest cuts to get just right. There are many new ways to cut and finish it to prevent that dreaded boring look. The balance of the perimeter is vital in keeping it updated.

My most treasured possession is my pair of Mizutani scissors – they have seven-inch blades. In my opinion, Japanese scissors are the best.

Sean’s most treasured possession: his Mizutani scissors

To keep fit, I do Pilates, jujitsu, boxing, heavy weight training, running and horse riding. I realised about two years ago that I have more interest in learning a new skill while keeping fit. Looking back, it has been satisfying to see what can be done with a little consistency each week.

My boxing gloves are by Blood Hound.

Sean’s Bloodhound boxing gloves

My daily diet is egg whites and a piece of seeded bread for breakfast, chicken breast, brown rice and green veg for lunch, rump and sweet potato, fish cakes and salad or a wholewheat wrap from Kauai for dinner. I drink two coffees a day – and always from Woolworths as they are consistently good wherever you go. I love pizza and Ferrero Rocher on weekends.

Woolworths coffee forms part of Sean’s daily diet.

The book on my bedside table/Kindle is one for pleasure, which is A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon. I love fantasy. And I’ve just finished The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. It’s easy reading but manages to condense so much information into easy bites. They say if you can explain something easily, you truly understand something, and he knows his stuff.

On Sean’s Bedside Table: The Psychology of Money

My evening tipple is whisky and soda. I know, I know, but I prefer it with soda. My favourite is Hibiki, a Japanese blended whisky.

Sean’s favourite Hibiki Japanese blended whiskey

The grooming product I can’t live without is Feev. The skin around my eyes gets very dry and this is the first thing that doesn’t irritate them. Also,  I use retinol to try and combat the creeping years.

When it comes to hair care, you can’t beat Kérestase Treatments and I’ve yet to find something better than Therapiste Masque.

Hair Care Tips: Kérestase Treatments

The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass of water.

The best restaurant I’ve eaten at is… Wow, there have been a few and for different reasons. My best mate was deputy GM of Zuma Dubai… that was an experience.

I have a collection of books and shoes.

After a long day I relax by using my roller to ease sore and tired muscles. The intense physical relief afterwards instantly changes my mood. It’s a weird form of meditation and helps me reset.

The next place on my travel list is a quick trip to London – I’m looking forward to lunch at The River Café and a Gritchie Brew at Guy Ritchie’s Lore of the Land pub in Fitzrovia.

I once jumped off Bloukrans Bridge. It really is a crazy thing to jump off a bridge 200m from the ground attached to a long piece of elastic; I shake my head looking back.

The best advice I’ve been given was from my Grandad. When I was growing up, he  was my moral compass and had a knack of getting things across to me in a quiet, dignified way that had no finger wagging and preaching to it. There was no solitary illuminating saying, but it was basically “Do what is right even when no one is looking, and you’ll be alright”.

My best local weekend getaway is the sensational, understated, luxurious Big Sky Ranch in Colesberg. I cannot wait to go back!

Big Sky Ranch in Colesberg

I am inspired by anyone who is able to forge their own life on their own terms. To carve a life out that is full of experience and love and sometimes pain. And to find peace within yourself after a time – that inspires me.

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