Tech Marvels to Reshape Daily Living

From a futuristic mobile phone, smart glasses and an instant camera, to stress-busting wearables and an AI-powered toothbrush, these products are sure to elevate your everyday life experience.

By Sony Thomas

The tech scene is already abuzz with several exciting launches that promise to redefine how we live and engage with the world. These six products could change the way you see, smile, connect, create, capture memories and thrive.

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses
Available at Boldmarket online store for R10 400 – R11 499

These pair of glasses could transform your outlook on life, quite literally.  A perfect fusion of iconic fashion and cutting-edge Meta technology, the latest generation of the Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses are more than just a statement piece or a fashion accessory. Equipped with an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and a five-mic system, the glasses help you capture high-quality photos and videos. The discreet open-ear speakers allow you to enjoy rich audio quality, music, and calls, all while staying connected to the world around you. You can also share your unique moments by live streaming directly to Instagram and Facebook. With up to four hours of battery life and 36 hours of charge time per fully charged portable case, you can focus on your day without interruption. The Meta View App lets you pair up to two glasses to your phone, manage them in one place, add special effects to content, and easily share with friends. With 32 GB of storage for up to 100 videos and 500 photos, all locally stored on your glasses, and easy-to-access privacy settings, these smart glasses are designed for ages 13 and above.


Polaroid I-2 Professional Grade Instant Camera
Available at ORMS online store for R13 495

The I-2 Instant Camera is an expertly designed device featuring the sharpest lens ever built into a Polaroid camera. Launched globally late last year and available in SA for R13 495, this camera introduces built-in manual controls, including Auto Mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual Mode, Multiple Exposure, and Self-timer. The camera also boasts a new bright and large viewfinder with an external display, and for the first time ever, Polaroid offers manual controls in a compact instant camera. Selectable shutter speeds between 1/250 to 30 seconds and aperture between f/8 and f/64 allow for creative possibilities, including bokeh effects, selective lighting techniques, motion blur, and more. The camera’s capabilities extend to the Polaroid app, where all manual controls are accessible, functioning as a remote shutter control. Powered by an internal lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via the included USB-C cable, the camera is designed for everyday handling and quick shooting access, featuring a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount essential for low-light and long-exposure features. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a casual shooter, this camera is sure to enhance your ability to create timeless memories.


Apollo Neuro Stress Relief Device
Available through SA agents Made to Thrive for R11 997

Feeling bogged down by the hustle of everyday life? The latest edition of Apollo Neuro wearable touch therapy device with the optional SmartVibes AI technology promises to be a silent guide that will help you reclaim control and tranquillity. This device speaks to your nervous system through silent, soothing vibrations, conveying a sense of safety and control. Developed by neuroscientists and physicians, Apollo Neuro is a non-invasive stress relief tool for adults and children, promising to promote a healthier lifestyle without the use of drugs or side effects. Claimed to be scientifically proven in multiple clinical trials to enhance stress resilience, Apollo Neuro improves heart rate variability (HRV), providing control over stress. The device utilises scientifically validated gentle vibrations to enhance resilience to stress, facilitating better sleep, focus, and recovery. The mobile app accompanying Apollo Neuro offers seven modes, allowing users to customise their experience, adjusting duration and intensity. Made to Thrive, the agents for Apollo Neuro in South Africa, sell the Black device directly on their website, with other models available for custom order, albeit with a longer arrival time.


Oclean X Ultra AI-powered Digital Sonic Toothbrush
Available to order via the Ivohealth website for R3 999

The Oclean X Ultra AI-powered Digital Sonic Toothbrush promises to elevate your otherwise mundane oral care routine. The digital toothbrush displays time, duration, and score for brushing on an interactive colour screen, making oral care a personalised and engaging experience. With up to 84 000 movements per minute and powered by the potent Maglev 3.0 motor, this toothbrush provides superb cleaning power, ensuring a thorough clean for a brighter smile. The AI-powered Voice Guidance employs the Bass brushing technique, guiding users to achieve optimal brushing results. The toothbrush offers five modes catering to various preferences, with a pressure sensor featuring white and red lights for easy identification. The rechargeable toothbrush boasts up to 40 days of battery life from a quick 4.5-hour charge, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, guaranteeing durability and longevity backed by a 2-year warranty.


Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone
Available for international shipping from the US starting at $139

The Clicks Creator Keyboard, showcased at CES 2024 and available for international shipping from the US, could well take your iPhone experience to the next level. This keyboard is a game-changer in mobile productivity, maximising your screen space for apps and content. The unibody design fits snugly, feeling like a natural extension of your iPhone, offering ultimate control and convenience. The precision-tuned buttons strike the perfect balance of click, resistance, and feedback, ensuring fast and accurate typing. With access to iOS Shortcuts and voice input at the push of a button, the Clicks Creator Keyboard provides ultimate control for seamless navigation and functionality. Easy to attach and detach, this compact and lightweight keyboard enhances your typing speed and precision whenever needed. Backlit keys add a touch of sophistication, allowing comfortable typing even in low-light conditions. With pass-through charging supporting either Lightning (iPhone 14 Pro) or USB-C (iPhone 15 Pro), the Clicks Creator Keyboard supports wireless charging, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


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