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Her relatable story and people’s need to connect with others are behind the success of the Vastly Sage movement, according to its founder, Amanda Dambuza.

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Founded in 2020 by transformational author, international speaker, mentor and global award-winning businesswoman Amanda Dambuza, the Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch is an extraordinary event. For the past four years, the brunch has brought together some of the most incredible minds of our time to share wisdom, life journeys and practical tools to navigate life, career, and business with all the guests. Launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to a brunch of 100 guests, this year’s event will play host to more than 500, and the tickets sold out within days of going on sale.

“The Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch has empowered and changed the lives of many women in corporate and business,” says Amanda. “The connections made there have yielded business partnerships; others have connected and found mentors,” she adds. Amanda started Vastly Sage when she realised the people she interacted with and was mentoring craved a physical space to network, connect and transform themselves. “Human beings are a social species; we are wired to connect. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, besides food, water and safety, love and belonging are the most important needs we must fulfil. This includes our desire for interpersonal relationships, intimacy, to connect with others, and to be integrated into a group,” she says. “The Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch is this to many, a community where they learn to have fun, learn and thrive.”

She believes her following came about because people could relate to her story. “My book Baked in Pain tells the story of the hardship I endured growing up and my journey to recovery. There are a lot of people out there with similar stories to tell.” But Amanda does not want people to “clap for success”. She wants them to understand how to achieve it themselves and to have hope that they can get there. “I don’t want people to feel any challenge is insurmountable. I want people to get out of a suffering mindset,” she says.

Amanda is concerned that many people are feeling very despondent at the moment. “Globally, there is not a lot to celebrate. And the Covid hangover has left us with a lot of residual emotions – we lost a lot.” She hopes that through Vastly Sage and its resources, she can help people to rediscover their sense of self and rebuild their confidence to live.

She recalls many memorable moments in the life of Vastly Sage. For example, she will never forget how her white Valentino suit was covered in makeup and mascara after the first event when she hugged many emotional guests. “And Azania’s breathing exercise at last year’s brunch was amazing – it still gives me goosebumps when I think about it.” Amanda feels strongly that the effect of Vastly Sage must be simple, practical and have an impact. “Somebody must be transformed immediately,” she says. And she’s ready to do it all again, this year in a top-to-toe white Fendi. “I don’t mind if it’s covered in makeup again,” she laughs.

And where to from there? Amanda paints a picture of a Vastly Sage club, where membership gives you access to support, resources, exclusive opportunities, and customised experiences.

The speakers at this year’s Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch include Erik Kruger, founder of Modern Breed, author and leadership coach; Shudufhadzo Musida, founder of Imbe Swimwear, Miss SA 2020 and mental health advocate; Bilala Mabuza, founder and head designer of Cocoon Lifestyle; Samke Mhlongo, wealth coach and author; and Claire Blanckenberg, founder of Reel Gardening and Veuve Clicquot Bold Woman Award South Africa 2023 winner.

  • This year’s Vastly Sage Uplifting Brunch takes place on 18 November, but tickets are already sold out. However, corporate table tickets for the 2024 brunch are available, contact vastlysage@amandadambuza.com to book.
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