One lucky reader stands to win a dinner party for six, including a wine tasting hosted by WCellar experts.

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If you appreciate your wine, you no doubt appreciate the right glassware. And you know that the right glass improves the taste of the wine – the shape and size of your drinking vessel brings different characteristics of the wine to the forefront while muting others.

Bring a touch of elegance to your dinner table with the WCellar selection of wines and signature glassware. Whether it’s a casual afternoon glass of bubbles, a celebratory gatherings with family and friends, or a fabulous wine pairing, the WCellar glasses add a different dimension to your festivities.

There are a few tips to remember when selecting your wine glass:

The bowl of the glass is where the wine sits and where you drink from. You should never fill the glass – to properly taste the flavours in the wine, you need space above the wine to collect aromas.

The elegant WCellar Champagne flute glass is designed for connoisseurs and home entertainers looking for stylish glassware to entertain and dine in style. It has a tall, narrow flute and mouth for effortless serving and thin rims to enhance and elevate the tasting experience when you are enjoying a glass of bubbly.

White wines are typically served in smaller bowled glasses as they preserve floral aromas and express more acidity in wine. They also deliver more aromas due to the wine’s proximity to the nose. Full-bodied white wines like Viognier or oak-aged Chardonnay are best served in a larger bowl, enhancing the wine’s creamy texture because of the bowl’s wider mouth.

The WCellar Sauvchen glass will be a luxurious addition to your collection, providing you with everything you need for a palate-pleasing drinking experience. It’s intended to soften the full-bodied creaminess of your favourite whites, such as Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc, with a short nose to allow you to sample the full bouquet.

Red wine tends to taste smoother from a glass with a wide opening, but it does depend on the varietal. Full-bodied wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot need a more generous size glass that allows the bouquet to develop. 

The WCellar classic wine glass has a stylish, timeless design and is a must-have accessory for unlocking the fruity symphonies of the more delicate, floral wines, like your favourite Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Rosé. 

All WCellar wine glasses have the clarity and brilliance of crystal without the lead content. They are recyclable and dishwasher safe; perfect for everyday use. 


One lucky reader stands to WIN a dinner for six in Cape Town on Thursday 3rd August 2023 – and enjoy the full WCellar wine and glass experience hosted by one of South Africa’s leading foodies, Steve Steinfeld aka @thejoburgfoodie

How to enter:

Follow @woolworths_sa @yourluxury_africa and @thejoburgfoodie on instagram.

Like the post about WCellar on the YourLuxury Africa instagram page, tag a friend in the comments and share the post to your stories. Tag @Woolworths_sa and @yourluxury_africa on your story so that we can see the share.

Entries close at 23h00 on Thursday 20th July 2023. The lucky winner will be informed at 08h00 on Friday 21st July 2023, in time to invite five friends to dinner on Thursday 3rd August 2023!

The prize:

Dinner for six at Ginger & Lime Food Studio in Fresnaye, Cape Town, on Thursday 3rd August 2023, hosted by WCellar and YourLuxury Africa. You and your dinner guests will join Steve Steinfeld, @thejoburgfoodie food and wine blogger and a team from WCellar and YourLuxury Africa for an evening of fine food and wine. Dinner guests will also go home with a hamper of WCellar premium wine glasses.

NO WINES FOR PERSONS UNDER 18. woolworths.co.za

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