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A renewed wardrobe policy and collaboration with a local designer gave Nedbank a designer corporate wear collection fit for the future.

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Award winning designer Bongiwe Walaza helped Nedbank refresh their corporate wear capsule collection

When an older range of corporate wear came to the end of its life cycle, an opportunity arose to create a new line of corporate wear for Nedbank staff. For the next chapter of the bank’s visual image, the Nedbank Group Brand division built a business strategy around new market trends by identifying a local designer who could usher in a new range that would align to the bank’s employee culture and transformation values. The result is a unisex, 12-item capsule collection featuring a bespoke print pattern in the brand’s colours that is synonymous with the signature work designer Bongiwe Walaza is known for.

Bongiwe’s fashion journey began when she graduated with a National Diploma in fashion in 1997 after an uncanny segway from being a qualified electrical engineer working at Telkom. The decision yielded great results for the award-winning designer, whose career boasts numerous achievements, including showcasing her designs in the likes of New York, London, Milan, Hong Kong and Qatar, to name a few.

Bongiwe Walaza’s creations focus on original prints and motifs with contemporary silhouettes

Following a successful bid against other local designers, Bongiwe’s vision for the looks centred on comfort for everyday use and flexibility for different body shapes. “It was an honor for me to be nominated for the job. Given the brief, the budget and the prints to work with, I had to stay within the boundaries and still exercise my freedom to design. I’ve fused the given African ornament prints with shweshwe in mind with corporate clothing requirements to make the end product comfortable for everyone, and to give it that overall look that says ‘Nedbank for Africa’,” she says.

As one of the pioneering designers who helped popularise the only true ethnic South African fabric, the original shweshwe, on the catwalk, her use of print was welcomed. “I love working with prints, and I’m well known as a Seshweshwe designer. I love African silhouettes because they are accommodating of different body shapes,” Bongiwe adds.

The overall outcome is a contemporary offering that elegantly shifts from formal corporate wear to relaxed fits, as well as corporate-wear guidelines that better align with staff bringing their authentic style to work. “How we show up expands across gender lines, and our legacy of structural wear shift gears into a relaxed image, embodying our bank’s purpose and essence. Ultimately, we have brand and customer in-tune designs connecting professional care, trust and brand relevance for the now and future,” says Khensani Nobanda, Group Executive: Group Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

Nedbank staff in the new Bongiwe Walaza designed corporate wear


Nedbank’s dedicated relationship bankers are not only money experts who look good but they’re also equipped  to provide Private Clients tailored financing, investment options as well as access to wealth services and a seamless banking experience. This offering is designed for young professionals under 30 years old and those that are 55 and over providing benefits that fit their lifestyles:

Under 30 years with a four year qualification

Get all the banking, rewards and lifestyle benefits of our Private Clients offering at a 50% reduced monthly service fee*.

Tailored finance: With the support of your dedicated relationship

banker, credit decisions are personalised to your unique circumstances, and you can get the following:

  • 105% loan as a first-time homebuyer; and
  • 100% loan of less than R400 000.

Fitting Financial advice

Your financial growth also comes with important decisions and responsibilities.

Seamless Service

Access to a wealth advisor who will assess your financial position and your future goals to help youdetermine the optimal portoflio. We will even draw up a will for you for free.

 *The 50% discount on your monthly service fee is available until you reach the age of 30. Terms and conditions apply.

55 years and Over

From the age of 55 years you benefit from significant rebates off your monthly fees.

Are you a fit?

  • To qualify you need to remain on the Private Bundle or Private One

Accounts and maintain an average monthly balance ofR300 000 in any Nedbank investment.

  • Qualifying investments include 32Day Notice, money market and call or term accounts.
  • Every month you meet these criteria, we will automatically pay the appropriate amount into your account, for example:
  • 30% back for those aged between 55 and 64 years;
  • 40% back for those aged between 65 and 74 years; and
  • 50% back for those aged 75 years or over.

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