We recently attended the debut of ID:entity, an innovative and experiential platform spotlighting local and global innovators and thought leaders which was held at Always Welcome Kramerville, the heart of Johannesburg’s burgeoning design district. The evening’s proceedings took guests on a journey curated to reflect the essence of highly respected and loved award-winning actress Sthandiwe “Stha” Kgoroge.

By YourLuxury Africa
Stha Kgoroge is flanked by ID:entity Co-founders Swati Dlamini (left) and Thuli Zulu (right)

In one area of the impressively contemporary space, a retrospective exhibition charting Kgoroge’s childhood and later career milestones that built her to current acclaim was on display, another immersion room featured powerful portraits most of which were shot by the talented Trevor Stuurman on the set of hit TV drama Shaka Ilembe which starred Kgoroge as Shaka Zulu’s grandmother Queen Mthaniya. In a cosy cinema enclave, guests were treated to a viewing of an exclusive interview with the inaugural recipient of The ID:entity Honours Guild Award herself.

The Identity Institute Honours Guild will be an annual recognition ceremony while the ID:entity platform will serve as a repository of African brands positioned within international markets.  “At its heart, ID:entity delves into the profound essence of our diverse tastes and values. In this era where influence shapes narratives, genuine leadership is fortified through authentic dialogues and community engagements. To accelerate cultural change and evolution, it’s vital to create spaces where pioneers and innovators can gather, engage, and share transformative ideas,” says Thuli Zulu who is one half of the collaborative duo behind the initiative. 

The evening delivered its promise of an interactive audio-visual experience showcasing the illustrious life journey of Stha Kgoroge with elegance and was  complemented by contributions from esteemed fellow artists such as gifted actor Muzi Mthabela, a frequency shifting performance by Brenda Mntambo, Stha’s close friends of many years Nolwazi Gcaba and Thabo Molubi also took the stage along wigh acclaimed historian Shalo Mbatha who had the room enthralled with her over 20 years of research knowledge on the Zulu nation. Stha’s husband fellow actor Tony Kgoroge gave a moving tribute just before she received her honours.

Historian Shalo Mbatha is the author of a book whose comprehensive history spans 800 years of Zulu heritage and culture.
Close friend Thabo Molubi (left) and husband Tony Kgoroge (right) shared moving tributes about Stha

For its path-beating showcase which ID:entity calls the Queen Series; a celebration of remarkable modern-day matriarchs, Sthandiwe Kgoroge was announced as the first to be honoured with the striking gold ID:entity Honours Guild Award. “With an exceptional career that has inspired many, Sthandiwe embodies the spirit of accomplishment and excellence that ID:entity seeks to champion. With numerous professional accolades and personal achievements, her most recent portrayal of the legendary Queen Mthaniya in the drama series Shaka Ilembe stands as testament to the timeless dance between art and life,” says ID:entity co-founder Swati Mandela.

This inaugural event marks the beginning of a cultural revolution with ID:entity aiming to shift paradigms in cultural conversations, to foster global collaborations and commercialise African brands and talent.

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