Inverness by Memo – A Sensory Tale

This exquisite scent is an ode to Scotland’s Amyris Highlands, capturing the essence of verdant landscapes, castles, and the enigmatic River Ness.

By YourLuxury Africa

Founded in 2007 by poet Clara Molloy and her globetrotting husband John, Memo Paris imagines fragrance as a journey, with each scent’s identity built around a destination the couple have visited. The creations all depict a memo (memory) creating, in essence, an olfactory map of far-off places and providing a fragrant backdrop to create your own memories.

With Inverness, perfumer Nadège Le Garlantezec weaves the mysteries of Scotland’s Amyris Highlands into the scent, distilling the essence of peat, heather and golden rain, of unspoilt countryside, meadows, castle, moss, waterfalls and the town of Inverness at the mouth of the languorous River Ness. “I see the odours of different varieties of wood rising up from this endless green and bracing empire, each more captivating and fragrant than the last,” writes Victor Malzac, author of this fragrance’s story. “A striking, pervasive trail, as if carried by the riverbed on its way to Loch Ness and its silent legend.”

There are no limitations on rare raw materials and natural ingredients, allowing the perfumer the freedom to express her creativity in capturing the essence of the intriguing Inverness. The woody combination of dense Amyris wood (from the Dominican Republic), sandalwood oil (from Australia), cedarwood oil (from the Atlas Mountains in the US) and smoky guaiac oil (from Paraguay), lie alongside a touch of green tea-like Mate Absolute and powdery orris butter (from France), which accentuates the radiant side. It has a note of mysteriousness, a magnetism, a place in time you will always want to return to for more.

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