Explore the Mystical Scents of Turkey with the new Memo Cappadocia Fragrance

Memo Paris’ latest olfactory creation is inspired by the surreal landscape and vibrant energy of the Cappadocia region.

By YourLuxury Africa

New to Graines Vagabondes and the twelfth in the sense-awakening collection, Cappadocia builds on the Memo Paris motto of ‘the travel is the destination’ – a journey started by founders Clara and John Molloy who have travelled the world and turned their memories and encounters into a unique olfactory world map.

With Graines Vagabondes, Memo Paris takes a journey into the plant world and the result is a vibrant, fruity and aromatic botanical collection inspired by the power and energy that nature brings. Cappadocia, inspired by the Turkish region famous for its hot air balloons and pointy rock formations, joins the collection as the ambery, spicy family member. Created by perfumer Gael Montero, it draws on the mysticism of Cappadocia’s landscape and the organic colour palette of the region.

Located in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia reveals a surreal landscape where ancestral formations, known as ‘fairy chimneys’, point to the sky. These natural pillars of soft, friable rock created by volcanic eruptions, have been shaped by the passage of time and the elements, and now watch over the mountains, craters, plateaus and gorges, over the underground and cave-dwelling cities. The palette is organic, represented by white jasmine, ochre benzoin, Turkish rose, gold vanilla and tawny sandalwood. Come nightfall, however, the skies become ablaze with colour and rich florals and creamy woods and resins fill the air. Cappadocia saffron is the heart of this composition, while the rose absolute comes from Isparta, a region that owes its reputation to the abundance of roses growing in gardens and its terraced fields.

As with all Memo fragrances, the story extends to the bottle with artistic collaborations. French artists Alexandre Lamarche and Florentine Ovize, known for their multiplicity of media – from patterns of tapestries and ceramics to video animations, drawings and installations – have created a representation of the pointy ‘fairy chimneys’ that punctuate the Cappadocia region, and the volcanic eruptions which created this surreal moonscape, adding another piece of art to the Memo lover’s collection.

Available at select Skins Cosmetics and Arc Stores, and online. RRSP: R5 700

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