A Glass Act

The new WCellar drinkware range elevates the wine-drinking experience with a glass for every style of wine.

By YourLuxury

A delicate rim, a thin yet sturdy stem, a wide base, and a bowl that is shaped to allow for maximum aroma and flavour development. According to Woolworths Wine buyer Charles Pohl, this is what he looks for in an ideal wine glass.

So, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the new WCellar drinkware range offers just that with its range of varietal-specific glasses. Each one is meticulously crafted using innovative machinery, made from lead-free crystal, and features a pulled stem and a bowl designed to complement key varietals from the vast range of over five hundred wines available from the premium retailer.

For WCellar, this step into dedicated stemware is a part of their constant innovation when it comes to creating a journey for their wine-loving clientele. Creating opportunities for wine novices and aficionados alike to enhance their wine-drinking experience every step of the way. “There’s been this development of people coming into wine and going on this journey. They may start with spritzers, then maybe try sweeter wines before moving on to more fruit-oriented wines and so on. Another step along that journey is selecting the correct glassware for the wines they’re consuming; it’s about allowing for the best drinking experience possible.” says Pohl of the stemware.

The new range, produced in Slovakia, features a flute, two styles of white wine glasses, and a red wine glass. There’s also a dedicated gin glass designed for optimal enjoyment of the popular spirit. Each glass is specifically crafted to best serve a host of varieties from Blanc de Blancs and Proseccos to Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings, through to Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Sauvignons, and blends.

The flute champagne glass offers absolute diversity when it comes to bubbly, the tulip shape and relatively rounded bowl making it well-suited to everything from classic Champagne through to Prosecco and Cap Classique. Enjoy Woolworth’s Chiaro Prosseco Spumante, a Le Lude Cap Classique or a Krone Night Nectar in this versatile sparkling wine glass. The flute’s shape is designed to maintain effervescence while delivering beautiful aromas and flavours.

The first set of white wine glasses is recommended for the enjoyment of Sauvignon Blancs and Chenin Blancs – of which WCellar offer plenty to choose from – while also being well suited to other light, unwooded and fresh varietals. Whether playing by the book and going for something like Cederberg’s Unwooded Chenin Blanc or exploring the more obscure varieties like Paul Cluver Riesling and Springfield Albarino, this is the glass from which to enjoy them.

The next white wine glass, with its rounder bowl and wider mouth, calls for heavier, more full-bodied white wines as well as lighter reds and even rosé. This is the glass to go for if you’re a lover of oaked chardonnays, such as Woolworth’s Hartenberg Chardonnay Reserve, and more delicate reds like the Catherine Marshall Pinot Noir.

Last but certainly not least, lovers of Bordeaux varieties will no doubt gravitate towards the red wine glasses. Naturally, the largest of the range, these are recommended for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The shape allows plenty of room for the notes and aromas to develop and be suitably savoured. Woolworths Thelema Signature Cabernet and Spier Merlot are just two of the wines that will certainly sing in these glasses.

The stemware has been designed to be both aesthetically stunning and durable, making them as suited to casual sipping as they are for setting a formal dinner table. In addition, the innovative production delivers all the clarity and brilliance of crystal without the lead component making them recyclable and environmentally friendly too.

NO WINES FOR PERSONS UNDER 18. woolworths.co.za

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