‘People have grown with us… It’s been interesting to see them growing alongside the fair’

Laura Vincenti, the Investec Cape Town International Art Fair (ICTAF) Director, on the fair, contemporary art, and more.

By Matthew McClure

What has been the biggest win of your career as the fair director?
We always deal with time. Time is past, present and future. If I have to think about our biggest achievement, this is the biggest fair on the continent. The greatest achievement has been to create a truly international platform for artists from the continent and the diaspora to engage in a global conversation about humanity through a non-geographical lens.

How has the fair challenged perceptions regarding art from Africa?
Contemporary art is contemporary art, regardless if you are in Africa, Asia or Europe. This, for me, has been the biggest achievement, to look at art irrespective of the geographical provenance of the artist or gallery.

What’s a big change you’ve seen in the last 10 years?
People have grown with us. When I first moved to South Africa, local collectors were more focused on modern masters from South Africa. Slowly, these collectors have approached local contemporary art. It’s been interesting to see them growing alongside the fair. Many international collectors are coming back each year. They’re very passionate about our programme and very supportive.

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