Mind of a Designer: Kerry Crauser

With an impressive client list that includes Tashas, Transnet, The Royal Villas, and a 6-year project in North Carolina, USA, Kerry Crauser is one of South Africa's most esteemed interior designers

By Norma Young

When Kerry worked on one of her most prolific projects, Sagee Manor in North Carolina, USA, the international scope didn’t veer her away from her South African heritage. In fact, everything was made in South Africa and then shipped to America. The final interior was breathtakingly beautiful, and has been featured in numerous publications from the Daily Mail to the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News.

Established in 2002, her interior design company works in residential, commercial and retail spaces, bringing comfort, sophistication and practicality. Kerry first gained industry experience through the design, manufacture and supply of furniture to the retail sector. After working with some of the country’s top interior design companies, a growing demand for her services from private high-end clientele led Kerry to launch her own design studio, which now caters to both local and international markets.

Kerry Crauser

My personal signature blends the sophistication of classical design elements with the sleekness of modern contemporary aesthetics, creating seamlessly integrated modern architecture feature with timeless furnishings, textures and well thought out lighting, innovative materials resulting in an environment that feels both luxurious and effortlessly chic.

Quiet luxury has been trending in interiors as well as in fashion. Luxurious soft textures, traditionally shaped furniture and investment pieces that you can build a room around. I would say that loud statement pieces and neon designs are definitely not trending anymore.

My home in Cape Town brings me solace and restoration. It’s a place where I can unwind and regroup and enjoy the small things in life. I love to walk my dog, wonder the cobbled streets, popping into coffee shops, art galleries and visiting my favourite wine farms.

Travelling nurtures my creativity. It’s a rich source of inspiration for nurturing creativity and expanding artic vision. Exploring new cultures, landscapes and experiences can stimulate your senses and ignite fresh ideas. Embracing the unknown, stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be fully present in each moment can fuel your creativity and deepen your artistic perspective.

South African designers bring a unique perspective to the global design stage, influenced by diverse cultural heritage, natural landscapes and social dynamics. A few distinguished contributions include: Cultural fusion, sustainable design, socially conscious design, craftsmanship, adaptability and resourcefulness and storytelling through design. These qualities contribute to the distinctive voice of South African design on the global stage, making it a vibrant and influential presence in the design community.

The subtle sophistication of mixed materials in a room conveys a collected interior. If you want to infuse a space with luxury, layer your interiors. A personalised designed home is a timeless home. Night lighting also brings a room together and makes it feel considered and transforms the mood in your home.

For more information visit: Kerry Crauser Interiors

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