Meet the all-new fully electric Mini Cooper and Countryman

With the introduction of an all-electric Countryman, Mini is offering drivers the choice of emission-free driving in two distinct body styles.

By Sony Thomas

Mini, the iconic British automaker, has taken a bold step towards a greener future by revealing a fully electric version of its Countryman SUV along with the all-new Cooper Electric. With this announcement, Mini is accelerating its commitment to sustainable mobility, offering drivers the option of emission-free motoring in two distinct body styles.

In its fifth generation, the Mini Cooper, long celebrated for its zippy performance and timeless design, is reinventing its emission-free identity. The all-new, all-electric Mini Cooper will be available in two distinct output levels: E and SE. The E variant boasts a remarkable electric range of 190 miles, while the SE variant takes it even further with an impressive 250-mile range. These figures make the Mini Cooper Electric a compelling option for those looking to embrace emission-free driving.

Mini has maintained the brand’s distinctive design while infusing it with fresh elements. The iconic circular headlights, a hallmark of Mini, now come with three unique light signatures, allowing drivers to personalise their vehicle’s appearance. Flush door handles make their debut, contributing to a sleeker profile, and the removal of chrome adds a contemporary touch. The rear lights, like their front counterparts, can switch between different modes, enhancing both style and functionality.

To cater to individual tastes, Mini offers three trim levels for the Cooper Electric: Classic, Exclusive, and Sport. While each trim provides unique exterior and interior design elements, the Sport trim pays homage to Mini’s racing heritage, with high-gloss black accents and optional red or black bonnet stripes.

Inside, the Mini Cooper Electric takes a minimalist approach, reminiscent of the classic Mini’s design. The instrument cluster and the toggle bar below it take centre stage. The dashboard features a textile surface crafted through an eco-friendly knitting process, utilising recycled polyester. An optional panoramic glass roof brightens up the cabin, and ambient lighting adds to the ambience. The digital experience is anchored by the world’s first OLED display, measuring 240mm in diameter and operating on Operating System 9 based on an Android Open-Source Project. This central display allows for intuitive touch and voice control of various vehicle functions.

The Mini Cooper Electric introduces seven distinct Mini Experience modes, allowing drivers to tailor their driving experience to their preferences. Each mode comes with specially designed backgrounds, colour schemes, and patterns that extend across the dashboard surfaces, creating a cohesive cabin atmosphere.

Mini offers multiple charging options for the Cooper Electric, including 11 kW AC charging, 75 kW DC charging, and 95 kW DC charging.

For those who desire a bit more space and versatility, Mini has electrified the Countryman, the brand’s popular compact SUV. The Electric Countryman retains its characteristic blend of practicality and style, now powered by a fully electric drivetrain. This move allows Mini enthusiasts to enjoy emission-free adventures without compromising on space, making it an ideal choice for families and adventure seekers.

The new Countryman has grown in size, gaining 60mm in height and 130mm in length, along with a longer wheelbase. It is also the first Mini to feature Level 2 semi-automated driving capabilities, enhancing safety and convenience.

The interior boasts the world’s first touch display, with a 240mm fully usable circular central instrument display, revolutionising the user experience. The cabin also features minimalist design elements, including a curved dashboard with a textile surface, vertically aligned design elements, and an optional panoramic glass roof. Eight different experience modes are available, allowing drivers to personalise the cabin’s look, lighting, and projection patterns.

The all-electric MINI Countryman is available in two variants, offering up to 287 miles of electric range and fast-charging capability for quick replenishment. It features an enhanced chassis, tuned suspension, and powerful brakes for improved handling and comfort. The SUV supports 22 kW AC charging and 130 kW DC charging, with efficient charging management and scheduling options.

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