FOPE jewellery – an enduring legacy in modern luxury accessories

The Italian pioneers of Flex’it technology create signature luxury jewellery designs that transcend space and time

By Debbie Hathway

While FOPE, the renowned Italian luxury jewellery brand, continues to dazzle the world with its innovative designs and deep-rooted heritage, it is clear that there is no such thing as too much sparkle. In an exclusive interview with Your Luxury Africa, FOPE’s representatives shared insights into their recent collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, the challenges of pioneering their unique Flex’it technology, and their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

FOPE’s collaboration with global superstar Jennifer Lopez is a testament to their ability to blend their unique designs with the iconic style of leading figures in the entertainment and fashion industries. The announcement of this collaboration earlier this year, coinciding with the January release of the video for her new single “Can’t Get Enough Feat Latto”, was a significant milestone. In the video, the singer wears jewellery from FOPE’s Eka Mia Luce collection. “This collaboration has really been a unique opportunity for us, and it’s the result of great teamwork. It has been a true testament to how the innovation and creativity that define our brand combine perfectly with the iconic style of leading figures in the entertainment and fashion industries,” says FOPE CMO Marilisa Cazzola.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re “big fans” of the glamourous superstar, too. The synergy between Jennifer Lopez’s iconic style and FOPE’s elegant designs creates a harmonious blend that appeals to a diverse audience.

FOPE’s patented Flex’it technology is a game-changer in luxury jewellery. This innovative feature enables the creation of flexible jewellery, entirely crafted from 18-carat gold. As Marilisa explains, “Our journey has always been a powerful dialectic of heritage and innovation. The pioneering ideas of the company founder led to a path of constant development and research that naturally evolved into something unique. Flex’it translates into versatile and comfortable accessories that can be worn 24/7 and perfectly match every outfit. This is really what makes FOPE stand out.”

With a global presence in over 600 stores, FOPE navigates diverse market preferences with finesse. Addressing the trend towards yellow gold, she observes, “It really depends on the preferences of each specific market. Besides the constant request for traditional yellow gold, we have also noticed an increasing taste for mixed gold colours.”

Flexible ring made of 18 carat gold with rose gold and diamond rondels from the Panorama collection

FOPE’s commitment to timeless design over fleeting trends ensures their pieces remain desirable across different genders, cultures and preferences.

FOPE’s dedication to sustainability is evident through its proactive initiatives, such as the annual Sustainability Report and the Carbon Neutral Print certification obtained in 2022. “We feel that customers are more and more mindful of their purchases, and so are we in the production and distribution process,” says Marilisa.

This commitment extends to their gemstone selection for the Bubble Rings and Souls collections, where all diamonds are certified, and new combinations of precious stones are being explored with great success. It’s the beginning of a new path that has been successful so far. The Bubble style is playful and fun; all colour combinations are greatly appreciated.

Balancing innovation with a consistent brand identity is a hallmark of FOPE’s collections. From Must Have Bicolor to Bubble Rings and Souls, each collection reflects the brand’s core features – tiny links forming a mesh and the unique Flex’it technology. “This allows us to create and explore new designs without ever losing our own identity. It’s a constant evolution rather than a revolution,” says Marilisa.

Looking ahead, FOPE aims to strengthen its presence in the luxury arena through strategic partnerships and creative new concepts. The aim is to grow stronger through their network of exclusive partners and to increase FOPE brand awareness in the luxury arena. With jewellery perfect for stacking and passing down generations, FOPE clients can’t help but build a collection.

Meanwhile, FOPE marketing executives Giovanni Morandina and Marta Menegatti, reflecting on their personal journeys with the brand, emphasised the technological marvel of their creations. “If you know jewellery and you know what happens behind the scenes, once you see the factory and the investment in the big dream of flexible jewellery made entirely of gold, it’s really groundbreaking. This passion and dedication are what drive FOPE to continuously push the boundaries of luxury jewellery,” says Marta.

Giovanni describes the beauty of FOPE jewels as being all about form. “They are very specifically executed, very precisely designed, very precisely mounted to have the perfection in movement, you know. We have dynamic jewels so the craftsmanship, engineering and execution are key. I wear the jewellery all day, sometimes going to bed and forgetting to take it off. When I wake up in the morning and see that I still have my bracelet on, it reminds me of the easiness of wearing and understatement of style that resonates for FOPE as a jeweller,” he says.

FOPE’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and timeless design solidifies its position as a leader in the high-end jewellery sector. With exciting collaborations, cutting-edge technology, and a deep respect for heritage, FOPE will captivate jewellery enthusiasts for generations.

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