Graff Butterfly Collection shimmers with diamond artistry

The ethereal butterfly, a heritage motif long part of the Graff oeuvre, is full of symbolism –good fortune, hope, strength and freedom.

By Debbie Hathway

The inspiration behind the new Graff Butterfly Collection that was revealed just before spring in the southern hemisphere – when these delicate creatures emerge after a long, cold winter – embodies change and evolution, underpinned by freedom and resilience. Furthermore, the butterfly’s symbolism resonates deeply with the themes of rebirth, growth and personal transformation.

Its enchanting metamorphosis from humble caterpillar to resplendent butterfly mirrors the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic evolution that defines the work of the House. Artistry and artisanship – the thread that runs through all its creations – is ever-present as the exceptional Graff craftspeople use their extraordinary skills to create talismans that remind the wearer of strength and freedom.

The expertise of the House lies in uncovering and fashioning brilliant and scarce diamonds. This transformative process turns the Earth’s concealed marvels into magnificent jewellery pieces that resonate deeply with the emotions and spirit.

Just as the creature’s wings carry it through the air with grace and lightness, the Graff Butterfly Collection captures the essence of these transformative moments, immortalised in cherished heirlooms that connect generations. The butterfly’s allure lies in its appearance and the story it embodies, inspiring designers to craft pieces that encapsulate the beauty, emotion and memories of all of life’s special moments.

“The DNA of Graff is very distinctive, and while a stone-led design philosophy guides us, we are also inspired by the world around us. The outline of a butterfly, which has become synonymous with Graff, has, over the decades, offered us endless opportunities for reinterpretation,” comments Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff. “The inner fire and life a diamond holds within make it the ideal medium to portray the natural beauty of the butterfly, and to give it permanence to endure through all of time.”

The Butterfly Collection offers styles ranging from delicate jewels that can be stacked, layered and worn daily to extraordinary high-jewellery creations. Each gemstone is meticulously crafted by master artisans, using the same exacting precision and flawless attention to detail as the stones that made diamond history since the company was founded by Laurence Graff OBE in 1960. “Diamonds are my first passion: I treasure and cherish them and I’m deeply proud of what we have achieved in our quest for perfection at Graff,” he says.

Butterfly Silhouette pieces, styled with wings outstretched, appear to dance when worn, creating ribbons of light around fingers, wrists, necks and ear lobes. This effect is achieved via mesmerising arrangements of round and marquise diamonds and clusters of pavé stones.

Meanwhile, with single or triple butterfly compositions, the Pavé Butterfly collection encompasses rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces with bold, vibrant clusters of pavé diamonds and coloured gemstones, which converge upon a single marquise diamond.

The Classic Butterfly creations impress with a seemingly effortless combination of pear and marquise diamonds to outline the butterfly’s shape.

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