Amongst many other new looks, the artist turned designer took the iconic Damier canvas design and turned it into digital camouflage that is certain to be Louis Vuitton’s most popular look of the summer.

By YourLuxury

Pharrell William’s debut show as creative director at Louis Vuitton was as much of a cultural happening as it was a fashion show.

The Pharrell version of one of the most iconic French fashion brands is timed brilliantly for an era when the world has come to expect so much more from luxury brands than just beauty.

Spring Summer 2024 at Louis Vuitton is all about comfort – right down to cosy monster foot slippers! – and sunshine. Each of the LV classic bags has been reinvented in playful multi-coloured splendour and the white LV Lover T-shirt is certain to be on everyone’s shopping list this summer. This was luxury meets streetwear on another level.

But by far the most striking of the new looks at Pharrell’s debut was the reinvention of the iconic Damier canvas design that everyone has come to associate with the luxury house. The new digitalized Damoflage motif found its way onto bags, jackets, suits, leggings – even teddy bears. It’s camo but not. They are pixels, but not. It’s a bit like Minecraft meets the modern fashionista and we’re sure the world is in love already.

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