YLA Annual Special Edition

A year has passed since we introduced you to YourLuxury Africa, a brand that celebrates the luxe life through various platforms, including our annual Special Edition with its focus on watches and jewels.

By Ingrid Wood

Coupled with our first anniversary and the fact that we are heading towards the festive season – a time of giving and indulgence – it made sense to give you a Special Edition with a little more sparkle and shine. So, in addition to a host of must-haves and lust-haves on our upfront pages, we invited some special guests to share their top timepieces and most striking jewels with us.

This led to a glamorous three-day shoot with a talented team of stylists, photographers and local designers whose haute couture complemented the glittering jewels. Creative studio Bronze Age also produced magnificent backdrops for the timepieces.

— We’re celebrating our annual Special Edition with 4 magnificent covers

We all know that luxury gifting is not always about buying the most expensive item, but rather about selecting a gift that will be cherished for life. Whether that gift is a ring to cement a bond, a timepiece that can be passed down from one generation to the next, a leatherbound journal to document special moments, or an escape for two, luxury is ultimately a state of mind. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

— Ingrid Wood

Read the annual Special Edition here:

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