Your Life: Robert More

The custodian and CEO of MORE Family Collection, a selection of lodges, hotels and residences, found in some of Southern Africa’s most beautiful and untouched destinations, is also a dedicated father whose mantra is to make every moment count – whether that’s travelling the world, going on safari, or relaxing at home with his kids and dogs.

By Leigh Herringer
Robert More

To me, luxury is a memorable and life-enriching experience or moment.

A typical day in my life usually starts with a 4 am coffee as I scribble in my notebook. I’m in the office by 7 am, exercise in the middle of the day, home by 6 pm and in bed at 9 pm.

My essential travel items are my Airpod Max, a paper notebook and my tablet, my phone, my ID card, jeans, sneakers and my Ray-Bans. I use my notebook to capture ideas and lessons as I see people doing things differently, or well.

A place that means a lot to me is anywhere with my kids, but Marataba Mountain Lodge in the Waterberg is particularly special to me.

Robert, Madison and Mackenzie More

I recently read The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.

The Psychology of Money

I listen to podcasts by Tim Ferriss. The last music I downloaded is ‘Journey into My Mind’ by Andy Dexter; it’s exclusive to Soundcloud.

Journey into my Mind by Andy Dexter

I usually wear Tshepo jeans and Converse sneakers in red or yellow.

Converse sneakers

A project I’ve been proud to be a part of is the graduation of 23 community guides from our Field Guide College.

Rob’s recent project saw 23 community guides graduate

My evening tipple is a double Jameson on the rocks.

One of my favourite restaurants is Upper Union in Kloof Street, Cape Town. It’s our first foray into restaurants and offers a modern, shared dining experience that fuses cuisines and flavours. Chef Amori Burger and her team have recently been awarded a coveted star at the Eat Out Awards, as well as a plate by JHP Gourmet Guide.

Upper Union restaurant in Kloof Street, Cape Town

I’m inspired by people doing cool things at a world-class standard.

A city I love is Joburg; the people have such resilience and are so inclusive.

The last stamps in my passport were in Mexico and in August I took my daughter Madison to New York City. When my late wife Britt phoned to tell me that we were pregnant, I was standing on Madison Avenue and took this photo at that very moment. It was a special moment to be standing in the same place with Madi.

When it comes to sustainable hospitality every little bit helps, but to be honest our industry is not the big polluter of our planet. We hope to educate and impact our guests so that they can take the message back to their communities and make a difference.

In 10 years from now, I’d like to see ten times more growth for MORE Family Collection and will be planning my retirement!

The one thing I always have in my fridge is NOD’s peri-peri sauce.

Nod’s peri-peri sauce

I keep fit by boxing.

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