The hunt for grail watches made easier

EveryWatch is a comprehensive information platform that provides a convenient one-stop shop where individuals can effortlessly discover any second-hand watch currently on the market.

By Debbie Hathway

Tired of spending days hunting online for your grail watch or simply one you want to add to your collection? Granted, going down that rabbit hole can become an obsession that fuels the passion for watchmaking among amateur and professional watch hunters. Still, more accessible, quicker, reliable and trustworthy methods of finding the watch you’ve set your heart on would no doubt be welcomed by the community.

That motivated the development and launch of EveryWatch by co-founder Giovanni Prigigallo, chairperson and ex-Piaget CEO Chabi Nouri, and senior advisor, collector and founder of AF. Luxury Consulting and the AF. Watch Report Alexander Friedman late last year. EveryWatch was born through collaboration with prominent tech investors and watch industry experts, such as American venture capitalist and angel investor Howard Morgan. They aimed to tackle the scarcity of dependable, authenticated information in the second-hand watch market. 


Alexander Friedman

Presented to attendees at Dubai Watch Week, the methodology offers reliable transaction (not retail) watch prices in real time with just one click. The EveryWatch team showcased the advantages and potential impact of the data and analytical tools to the market in the platform’s ability to track more than 500,000 references across over 250 auction houses and 150 online marketplaces and dealers.



Dubai-based watch collector Mishal Kanoo joined them in a panel discussion at the Creative Hub, impressed by the platform’s vast database of historical watch prices and coverage of the watches available for sale. “The more information out there, the clearer it is, more transparent, the better it is. Having an aggregator like EveryWatch becomes significant for watch collectors. The more and more you use it, the more you are going to enjoy it,” he says.


EveryWatch Details Page Analytics

Users can also gain insights into price trends, ensuring a clear understanding of the market rate for any luxury watch created.


EveryWatch Analytics

Early responses to articles published on sites like Hodinkee indicate hope that the platform will improve as it grows. I logged in, reaching a home page that listed Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Richard Mille as the most popular brands. I did a trial search for a Cartier Tank Française – one of the first watches to capture my attention at what was then the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, the major international watch fair held in Geneva. Quite a few Cartier listings came up. Diving deeper into a Tank Française in stainless steel listed for $3 358 revealed fascinating insights into the median price at auction ($2 180), the latest sale price ($2 400), auction range ($1 400 – $3 690), median marketplace ($3 200 – current price) and marketplace range ($1 620 – $9 000 current price). In addition, it showed that four models had sold above estimate, four within estimate, and one below estimate price at auction in the past 12 months.


EveryWatch My Collection


The platform was developed by Nacre Capital, a venture builder specialising in creating AI-based deep technology companies. Within the Nacre portfolio are notable ventures such as FDNA, offering AI-driven solutions for detecting rare diseases in children and widely adopted by leading hospitals worldwide; Fairtilty, revolutionising IVF through AI applications; Seed-X, an AI-based agtech company, and various other innovative projects.

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