Rémy Martin – the exceptional legacy of a visionary family

For centuries, the House of Rémy Martin has been crafting exceptional cognac. This year, it celebrates 300 years. With an unwavering belief in the potential of its terroirs, Rémy Martin is, at its heart, a family enterprise guided by visionary talents who have been teaming up for excellence for 300 years.

By YourLuxury Africa

Since 1724 each generation has worked to strengthen the legacy of the House: from Rémy Martin, a winegrower who dreamed of creating a cognac house, to his great-grandson Paul-Émile Rémy Martin II. André Renaud took over the reins in 1924 and was succeeded by his son-in-law André Hériard Dubreuil in 1965. Today Marie-Amélie de Leusse, a fourth-generation member of the Hériard Dubreuil family serves as chairwoman of the Rémy Cointreau group.

This spirit of legacy is reflected in the House’s cellar masters, who have each honed their craft from the last. In 2014, Baptiste Loiseau became the youngest cellar master ever to be appointed at Rémy Martin. He joined the House in 2007, aged 25, and after training for seven years under Pierrette Trichet (the first woman cellar master at a major Cognac house), he was appointed to the role.

Baptiste Loiseau et Pierrette Trichet

A gem from the heart of Cognac

Accord Royal – 1738

Excellence and vision have always been cornerstones of the House. As early as 1738, King Louis XV recognized its exceptional quality by royal decree, granting Rémy Martin the right to plant two new vineyards, despite production restrictions at the time. Paul-Émile Rémy Martin recognized the singularity of the terroirs of Grande and Petite Champagne. In 1874, he registered his labels at the Court of Angoulême with the mention “Cognac Fine Champagne” while André Renaud chose to launch the first Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac Fine Champagne in 1927. It was a tremendous success and sealed the decision to craft cognac exclusively from the eaux-de-vie of these regions. Today, Rémy Martin is the only major Cognac house that produces Cognacs Fine Champagne.

The eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne vineyards are prized for their elegance and ageing potential. A generous land of oaks and walnuts, rolling hills and gentle winds, whose grapes produce fine, delicate wines. To meet the standards set by the Cognac AOC, double distillation is mandatory. At Rémy Martin, the master distillers go further: distilling the eaux-de-vie twice, allowing for deeper aromas, greater smoothness and a longer finish.

Historical Cognac House

300 years and Dreaming Forward

While steeped in time, the House – underscored by innovation – continues to move forward. There is no better metaphor for this than the House’s emblem, the Rémy Martin Centaur – with its iron-shod feet firmly on the ground and its head in the stars, looking to the future – it embodies evolution as well as tradition and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Rémy Martin’s exceptional cognacs have always been intimately linked with its respect for the terroir, and to ensure the finest quality eaux-de-vie for generations to come. Linked to this is the House’s commitment to regenerative winegrowing. In 2012, the Rémy Martin estates obtained high environmental value – HEV – certification and two years later, the house began to engage its partner-winegrowers in the process. Today, 100% of its partner-winegrowers are engaged and 60% of their winegrowing areas are certified. By 2028, Rémy Martin aims to source its eaux-de-vie exclusively from environmentally certified winegrowing areas.

“For 300 years, each generation has seized the Centaur’s javelin and aimed it higher and further. Each member of our team has inherited a responsibility to protect our soils and create exceptional cognacs far into the future,” says Marie-Amélie de Leusse.

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