The inaugural MineShift event celebrated the innovation of African jewellers, artists and manufacturers while promoting the advancement of beneficiation on the continent.

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Africa, a land of abundant natural beauty and resources, has long been the treasure trove of the world’s most coveted minerals. Extracting these minerals through mining enables a wealth of opportunity for the continent, its economy, and its people.

Beyond mining, Africa is equally abundant in manufacturing expertise and artisanal excellence, transforming these precious minerals into superb jewellery, investment products, art, and more. Embracing this potential offers Africa the chance to elevate the value of its minerals through beneficiation.

The first MineShift event was held at the ZEITZ Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town, where guests were treated to an evening of immersive experiences. Hosted by leading refinery and beneficiator of precious metals, MetCon, and Gina White, a bespoke jewellery brand, MineShift brought together businesses, SMMEs, government, artists, and industry influencers who share in the vision of elevating Africa’s resources. Key partners included Absa, Amplify Africa, Anglo American, Brinks, the De Beers Group, StoneX and the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator. Grant Crosse, MetCon’s managing director, emphasised the importance of a downstream economy and elevating resources before they leave our continent. “We need to believe in local value-added products so that we can bring these jobs home to Africa and support economic growth,” said Grant. He added that the work exhibited was proof that Africa can do more with its minerals. “Every product on display here is not just made in Africa; it is the embodiment of African excellence; and they are extraordinary, world class, and deserve to be celebrated alongside our miners.”

De Beers Shining Light Awards

Gina White, founder of the Gina White Collection, shared insight into the impact of jewellery on the industry and the lives of those who create it. “In a world where mass production and uniformity often overshadow the unique and the handcrafted, these demonstrations serve as a powerful reminder of the artistry and dedication that underpin every intricate detail. As we watch the artisans at work, shaping precious metals and setting glistening stones, we are invited to appreciate not only the final creations, but also the labour of love and expertise that brings them into being,” she said.


The evening featured interactive jewellery making demonstrations. Guests could learn about the entire jewellery crafting process, and some even tried their hand at finishing a piece.

Prins and Prins


Guests engaged with a dazzling display of art in the form of jewellery, sculptures, and wealth products – all demonstrating the potential of Africa’s precious minerals and stones. These included pieces from BEN & Co, Bullion Mint & Refinery, De BeersShining Light Awards, Free State, Gina White, Jack Friedman’s Treasures of Africa, Janine Binneman, MetCon, Nebü, Nic Bladen, Nkulu, Patrick Mavros, The Platinum Incubator, PlatAfrica, Platandia, Prins & Prins, StoneX, Uwe Koetter, and Vijay Shah Concepts.


Every detail – from the dining menu to the artisan refreshments and special AI animated integrations – offered a unique, immersive experience, inspired by the theme Earth to Art.

Uwe Koetter


During the evening, the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator launched the South Africa Platinum Centenary Commemoration. This is a 100-year celebration of geologist Dr Hans Merensky’s historic discovery of the Platinum Group Metals deposits in the Bushveld Igneous Complex in 1924. MineShift was more than a glamorous gathering, it was a key starting point in shifting mindsets for the future of Africa’s mineral industry, allowing all Africans to share in the riches of our land.

MineShift aimed to be much more than a gathering, it was a key starting point in shifting mindsets for the future of Africa’s minerals.

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