Amouage Unveils Love Delight: A Floral Gourmand Gem

Amouage's Latest Eau De Parfum Creation in the Secret Garden Collection conjures up delectable images of a honey-glazed pastry, adding an alluring dimension to modern femininity.

By YourLuxury Africa

In a world where scent is an art form, Amouage stands tall as the epitome of luxury perfumery. Founded in the Sultanate of Oman in 1983, Amouage has been synonymous with sophistication and craftsmanship. Each fragrance is a testament to the brand’s rich heritage and creative prowess.

Enter the Secret Garden Collection, a realm of modern femininity crafted with exquisite fragrances that transport you to a world of beauty and mystery. And now, this enchanting garden welcomes a new bloom: Love Delight, a fragrance that tantalizes the senses and evokes images of honey-glazed pastries, adding a seductive allure to contemporary femininity.

Chief Creative Officer Renaud Salmon envisioned Love Delight as a celebration of love and joy, while pushing the boundaries of olfactory artistry. Collaborating with Vice President Senior Perfumer Pascal Gaurin, they crafted a scent inspired by the richness of Arabian sweets, blending notes of crumblypastry, nuts, orange blossom, and rose water into a mouth-watering golden accord dubbed ‘honey-glazed pastry’.

But the sensory journey doesn’t end there. With heliotrope infusing warm almond and ripe cherry tones, ginger and cinnamon adding brightness, and jasmine and rose water lending a delicate touch, Love Delight becomes a symphony of flavors and aromas. And with the addition of precious absolutes of vanilla bean, cocoa, and rum, the fragrance achieves a perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication.

Love Delight joins its predecessors in the Secret Garden Collection: the powdery elegance of Lilac Love, the nectar-like allure of Blossom Love, and the creamy sensuality of Love Tuberose. Each fragrance is housed in ceramic-coated flacons, reminiscent of fine, leafy down, further enhancing the luxurious experience.

With Love Delight, Amouage invites you to embark on a sensorial journey through its Secret Garden, where every fragrance tells a story of love, joy, and the beauty of femininity. Indulge your senses and immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Amouage.

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