The decor trend mushrooming everywhere

Iconic mid-century design with its characteristic dome shade is seeing a resurgence.

By Zimkita Sidumo
The decor trend mushrooming everywhere

The revival of mid-century modern design has brought with it the resurgence of the iconic mushroom lamp.  Easily recognisable by its dome shade supported by a slimmer stem base, the mushroom lamp first became popular during the 1970s in Venice, Italy, where it was referred to as the Fungo (Italian for mushroom) fondly named after its likeness to the mushroom.  The mushroom lamp was made from blown glass with translucent stripes to allow light to glow through the lamp shade.

Although the mushroom lamp’s origins are in mid-century design, the contemporary variations of the lamp can be complementary to a variety of design styles and functionality. From bedrooms to offices and restaurant dinner tables, these lamps are an elegant addition to ambient and utility lighting.  They are also easy to clean and maintain due to their metal or glass makeup, and low-fuss design.

I love the mushroom lamp because it’s a distinct alternative to the conventional lamp design that creates an instant style moment in any space, its simple silhouette lends to the lamp’s sleek and elegant look. Utilise a mushroom lamp, or two, to add thoughtful quirkiness and personality without compromising on an elevated look and feel in your interior spaces.

It can’t be denied that this lamp’s versatility in its design and function is a catalyst to for its longevity when we’re talking about design trends.  There are mushroom table lamps, utility lamps, floor lamps and even wall lights.  The sizes vary from a sweet short lamp that’d be perfect for a nursery, taller lamps to create a statement in a master bedroom and dainty -sized lamps that I’m sure you’ve noticed in restaurants as an alternative to dining table candlelight. It sure looks like the mushroom lamp is here to stay.

The quintessential mushroom lamp

A more recognisable contemporary mushroom lamp design, especially in the gold metal finish, this makes a pretty bedside table accessory and is versatile to use in almost any space.

The floor lamp

This tripod floor lamp is giving chic to industrial styling, and I love that it would’d work equally well with both masculine and feminine styling. 



The utility lamp

With its mercury glass finish, it’s a chic decorative accent to elevate any desk, the contrast timber base compliments the unique personality of this lamp.




The wall light

Giving instant hotel or cosmopolitan bar lounge vibrations with its sleek profile.  We love a wall light because it instantly decorates your walls while providing you extra surface space.



The sophisticated lamp

If ‘demure drama’ were an accessory it would be this lamp, it’s unassuming white finish accentuating its elegance.  This mushroom lamp would be a perfect statement piece in a living room or add a luxurious look and feel to a bedroom

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