Ferrari pushes the limits of road-going performance with two new cars

SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider embody the ultimate engineering concepts from the brand’s Special Series and XX programme.

By Sony Thomas
SF90 XX Stradale

Ferrari’s latest limited series masterpieces – the SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider, have been designed to push the boundaries of road-going performance. These V8-powered plug-in hybrid vehicles that represent the pinnacle of Ferrari’s special editions, draw from two decades of expertise, with benchmark models like the 488 Pista and 812 Competizione. Part of the XX Programme, known for providing expert drivers with extreme track cars, the SF90 XX Stradale emerges as a road-legal gem, embodying the ultimate engineering concepts from the Special Series and XX Programme.

Under the hood, the SF90 XX Stradale boasts a powerful 1,030 cv engine, delivering 30 more horsepower than the SF90 Stradale. This enhanced power is supported by specific software logic and radical aerodynamic solutions. A fixed rear spoiler generates a significant 530 kg of downforce at a thrilling speed of 250 kmph. The SF90 XX Spider shares the same exhilarating concept, offering the joy of open-air driving. Incorporating the signature PHEV layout, the SF90 XX Stradale’s V8 engine is seamlessly integrated with three electric motors, resulting in an impressive output, setting the bar higher for performance standards. The engine sound has been finely tuned, producing the iconic Ferrari V8 sound that intensifies as the car approaches its limits.

SF90 XX Stradale

The SF90 XX Stradale boasts aerodynamics rivalling that of the LaFerrari supercar. With double the maximum downforce of the SF90 Stradale, it has shown exceptional grip and speed on the Fiorano track during tests. Through extensive work on various aerodynamic elements, Ferrari’s engineering team has optimised cooling flow management and increased front and rear downforce. Furthermore, the SF90 XX Stradale enables high-performance driving in electric mode, both in urban and out-of-town settings, demonstrating a strong emphasis on usability. Advanced technology, including the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (2.0) and ABS EVO controller, enhances braking performance and track handling.

Design-wise, the SF90 XX Stradale exhibits a radical and sophisticated appearance compared to the SF90 Stradale. Carbon-fibre elements integrated into the body highlight technical prowess, while the car’s rear wing and sleeker tail volume echo the design language of racing cars. The SF90 XX Spider complements its sibling’s aesthetics, with the addition of a retractable hard top design. The interior of both cars emphasises a racing-focused approach, featuring weight-saving solutions. Racing seats with visible carbon-fibre tubular structures enhance the sporty driving experience without compromising comfort.

SF90 XX Spider

The SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider epitomise Ferrari’s engineering brilliance, aerodynamics, and power. These limited series vehicles promise to offer an extraordinary driving experience and unparalleled performance, establishing their position at the top of the Prancing Horse lineup.

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