Alpine’s A290_β previews brand’s 2024 electric sports car

Show car heralds the brand’s plans to combine electric performance with everyday practicality and sustainability.

By Sony Thomas

French automotive brand Alpine is preparing to enter the electric vehicle market with a series of three new models. The first of these models called the A290, will be a Renault 5-based B-segment hot hatch and is set to compete with the Mini Cooper SE. The recently unveiled A290_β concept car offers a preview of the upcoming production version, which will hit showrooms in 2024. Despite this being a show car, the carmaker says approximately 85 per cent of the design seen here will be carried over to the production model.

The A290_β features a distinctive three-seat configuration and promises to offer exceptional power and agility in its category. It is equipped with two electric motors at the front and has apparently undergone extensive development and fine-tuning to deliver a spirited and efficient driving experience. The car has also received approval for track use from the FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile) and promises “unforgettable moments behind the wheel”. True to its driver-oriented credentials, the design places the driver’s seat in the centre, similar to a single-seater racing car, while also accommodating two passengers on either side, but a bit behind the driver so that their view ahead is great. In a nod to Alpine’s motorsport DNA, the A290_β incorporates elements such as a telemetry-enabled steering wheel, aerodynamic features, supportive bucket seats, and a hydraulic handbrake.

The A290_β showcases Alpine’s motorsport heritage and explores new market segments, starting with an urban sports car. It is part of Alpine’s upcoming Dream Garage, which consists of three models: a compact sports car, a GT crossover, and the successor to the A110. Its design, materials, and technology combine electric performance with everyday practicality and sustainability. The name A290_β follows Alpine’s global naming strategy, which has the letter A followed by three numbers. In this combination, the number 2 signifies the B-segment, and 90 represents the brand’s future Lifestyle range. The Greek letter beta indicates a transitional phase ahead of the official launch of the production vehicle in 2024.

All three models will be fully electric, with the A290_β’s production starting in 2024 at ElectriCity in Douai, utilising the Alliance’s CMF-B EV platform for B-segment electric vehicles.

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