FutureMe reimagines the concept of luxury skincare

Drawing from her extensive knowledge of botanical extracts and modern science, Supriya Mody introduces a brand that embodies opulence

By Ingrid Wood

What is luxury skincare? Is it a designer brand? A range with a hefty price tag? Products that contain rare ingredients? For Supriya Mody, it’s about skincare that provides a luxury experience in every aspect, bridging high performance and ultra indulgence. When she envisioned FutureMe, CEO and Founder Supriya wanted to inspire clients to unlock their future potential. Instead of targeting skin concerns as beauty brands traditionally have, her ethos is to focus on what could be. ‘When you indulge in luxury, you should not worry about concerns,” says Supriya. “You should simply feel your best. FutureMe is a community of people who believe in their dreams and want tangible results. For skincare, this means not compromising on performance and indulgence.”

Supriya Mody

Listening to the gregarious Supriya at an exclusive appointment at Houghton Hotel’s Inspiration Penthouse, it’s easy to buy into the science behind FutureMe. Supriya was born into the pharmaceutical industry, and as a former CEO of a pharmaceutical company in India, her extensive knowledge of botanical extracts and modern science was the driving force behind the new brand. “I know exactly what I wanted,” she laughs.

“It started with a dream, the dream to redefine what luxury skincare is and launch a luxury skincare brand that actually works. It’s one thing to have the best ingredients, but what’s more important is how to get those ingredients into the skin.”

Recognising the challenge of deep skin penetration, she turned to Dr Renuka Thergaonkar, one of the world’s highest-awarded experts in skincare formulations. Formulating FutureBlend®, a powerful complex that underpins all FutureMe products took more than five years. It is made possible by a method combining sound therapy and a proprietary process called BeautyFrequency™ (a specific wavelength), which multiplies the potency of the botanical extracts and energises them to the extent that they can transport other ingredients deep into the skin to work on a cellular level.

Part of the dream behind the brand was to share the vision of unlocking real potential and possibilities, which is where pure indulgence comes in. It is revealed in the packaging, the texture, the scent, the efficacy … a sublime, sensual moment with self. “FutureMe sees every woman as a goddess on the way to her future self,” says Supriya. “We want to touch an emotion, to make every woman using the range feel happy when she uses it; for every element to be special.”

It’s about buying inspiration and an experience. The Arayani collection, the first to launch in SA, is named after a goddess in Indian mythology who symbolises the pure and untouched aspect of nature. She stands out for her connection to earth, her embodiment of nature’s purity and simplicity, and the conviction that everything is possible. Her holographic image on the packaging looks magical when light hits the box. When opening the box, you enter her world: there is a welcome card and a symbolic note alongside the product which is ensconced in a recyclable glass jar, while a metal spatula for application is attached to the inner lid.

The Arayani range is targeted and streamlined, without the need for multiple products.

· The innovative Advanced Cleansing Cream (R4 900) is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser in one, so it encourages skin renewal and barrier repair as it cleanses.

· The iconic FutureBlend takes centre stage in the lavish Arayani Moisturizing Cream (R6 950), alongside hyaluronic acid, ceramides and collagen-filling spheres. Smoothing and hydrating, it locks in moisture for 24 hours through a smart balance of lipids and water.

· The Hydrating Gel Cream (R6 950) has the addition of an encapsulated retinol – a key ingredient for anti-ageing.

· The Nourishing Face Oil (R5 200) can be used on its own or with any of the moisturisers to help bolster elasticity. It absorbs quickly and is great for rejuvenation.

· My favourite, the Regenerating Serum (R12 500) combines FutureBlend, proteins, vitamins and minerals to revitalise skin cells and improve skin tone and texture. The effects really are immediately visible.

· Ph-balanced and fragrance-free, the Eye Luminance Gel (R5 500) gently refines and refreshes the eye contour area. It also assists with targeting lines, puffiness and dark circles.

· The Eternity Elixir (coming soon, price to be confirmed) has a rich, velvety texture and is ideal for dry and mature skin, providing intense hydration without the weight of layering products. The collagen-filling spheres penetrate deeply to help smooth the skin and restore elasticity.

The range – seven years in the making – really is an example of the realisation of Supriya’s dream, a message that she comes back to time and again. “Women are the first to forget their dreams. My message is to believe in the power of your dreams. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams.” And therein lies the true luxury.

For orders and to find out more go to https://futuremeworld.com/ or follow on Instagram: futuremeworld/ or Facebook: FutureMeWorld

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