A collection that merges fashion with substance

Aspirational traveler and nomad Yasmine Barsch gives a preview behind her personal collection of what she terms ‘elusive elegance’

By Bogosi Makhene

Founder of luxury store For the Love of Silk. Yasmin studied psychology, and her passion for textile design led to a professional career in high end fashion design. She opens up about her upcoming collection: The Sanctuary and what informs her personal style. 

Can you please tell us your inspiration behind The Sanctuary?

‘Seeing as our inner and outer worlds are connected.The Sanctuary embodies a holistic approach to design, a place of safety and rejuvenation. As women we are looking for a place of coming back to home, a sanctity. Through our colors, prints, designs and achieved opulence, we seek to heighten the experience of wearing clothes. Our silhouettes aim to create the ideal / client / woman who appreciates this holistic experience of dressing which I deem as elusive elegance. 

Can you give us a bit of background behind your working concept ‘Fashion as healing’

Firstly it’s about silks skin regulating properties. And the narratives that accompany that, enhancing a woman’s femininity, inherent sophistication and richness.  Also because the idea of clothing is to offer protection, a shroud. So the concept is about offering comfort to our wearer. And that the woman who is drawn to our clothes would like to enhance her innate strength and divine feminine. 

Why were you drawn to the items in your luxury collection and where were they sourced?

I’m obviously drawn  to silk, that’s my first love. It’s such an ancient fabric and I find it sacred. It is also a sustainable fabric. I love my set of silk pyjamas, the pants can be worn out, paired with a beautiful jacket.  I also love hand made and embellished pieces where you can feel the love that has been outed into the work. Essentially, any appliqué and beadwork done by hand; send in places like Mexico, Syria, and the exquisite craftsmanship in our continent. 

A set of earrings, that enhances one’s mood, a beautiful bag, that has been locally sourced and produced, that has a story behind it, like my collection of sustainable ostrich bags from the Karoo. I also love a kimono and a throb, I love the sense of elegance it invokes, and these can be worn around the house or outdoors. My go to bag would be the  iconic The Rose May Bag ; her brand resonates strongly with ours due to its sustainable ethical and  natural  use of leather and exquisite craftsmanship.

My personal collection also reflects the fashion as healing ethos I spoke about earlier. To embody the highest version of a woman, drawing inspiration from different countries. Being in touch with our senses and tactility ,a piece of clothing that is imbued with transformative and healing properties. And curating that, as part of healing through wearable art and design.       

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