“The Voice of the Sea” – a campaign with POLO Purpose and Zandi The Mermaid

For World Oceans Day, POLO Purpose has collaborated with ocean conservationist and first Black female free diver, Zandile Ndhlovu

By Your Luxury

Our over dependence on plastic has led to landfill and micro plastic pollution crisis that is fuelling climate change. From plastic-based synthetics such as polyester to single-use plastic, our planet is facing immense stress that is damaging social and environmental communities.

“We want to tackle the environmental challenges and find solutions with like-minded partners and build towards a better future,” says Creative Director of POLO South Africa, Alia Peer.

At POLO Purpose, we believe that collaboration is key to creating change. We aim to inspire and ignite global activism to create a world that is kinder, just and in harmony with nature.

“We have to choose the sea, we have to choose the planet. We have to choose the future generations,” Zandile says. 


The full short film will be released on 8 June, but you can watch the teaser below:

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