The Sense and Science of Sensai

Sensai’s supreme anti-ageing skincare line, ULTIMATE, is a luxurious skincare journey featuring Koishimaru Silk Infinite and Sakura Eternal Complex that work in synergy to reveal silk like skin.

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In 1989 a luxury cream with a premium price point that was unheard of entered the cosmetics market in Europe. This marked a crucial moment for  Japanese company Sensai which had entered the world of luxury beauty just ten years before with its first store opening at Harrod’s in London, establishing the brand’s prestige positioning. Ever since, SENSAI has continued to challenge the standards of luxury beauty. In 2013 Sensai raised the bar with the launch of a premium skincare collection called ULTIMATE where for the very first time, Japan’s legendary Koishimaru Silk and the divine Sakura, or cherry blossom, known for its outstanding life force and capacities for renewal, were combined. Fast forward ten years later, in 2023, ULTIMATE is opening a new chapter with a complete renewal. With exceptional new properties, the latest iteration is masterfully curated to elevate the experience of luxury beauty.

Inspired by the latest scientific discoveries in Autophagy research and SPARC (Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine) along with pioneering research on hyaluronic acid and the source of visible skin ageing, new Koishimaru Silk Infinite and Sakura Eternal Complex help encourage skin’s natural synchronisation process, resulting in a plumped and youthful look.

How Koishimaru Silk Infinite and Sakura Eternal Complex renew skin

Harnessing the moisturising properties of Koishimaru Silk, select plant-based extracts including Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract are combined to capture a vital moment within the skin and soften the visible effects of time. Then, a potent complex leverages the Sakura’s capacity for renewal to preserve the inherent beauty of skin by maintaining its firmness and radiance. Charged with Sakura’s breath of life, skin blossoms into its own beauty.

Through the art of an emulsification process that has been refined over the years these individual formulas undergo specialised treatments to transform them into textures that skin can more readily recognise and receive. Though rich and indulgent, once applied, they are weightless and absorbent.

Saho – How to practice the ultimate skincare ritual using Sensai ULTIMATE

SENSAI advocates a unique skincare ritual called Saho, inspired by the Saho code of etiquette for the Japanese tea ceremony. This gentle and thoughtful method is designed to be practiced the same way, every day, in order to achieve silk like skin. Like the Japanese tea ceremony, the ULTIMATE skincare ritual is a ceremony of beauty. Here is a guide to the  mindful gestures you can follow using sensorial texture to cultivate a quiet inner state:

Emulsion Texture

1. Apply a vital drop of Sensai ULTIMATE THE Emulsion to initiate the blossoming of beauty

In the mornings and evenings after washing your face, take an appropriate amount with your hands and apply over your entire face.

The  Emulsion is a lotion designed to assimilate to the skin, offering intense replenishment and nourishment. Micro-emulsified, the lotion is crafted for skin to fully receive moisture. A highly pressurised treatment micronises the emulsified molecules to create a texture that is rich in skin-nourishing oils yet is highly absorbent. Glowing with vitality, skin is prepared for the rest of the ULTIMATE skincare ritual.

Cream Texture

2. Follow with Sensai ULTIMATE The Cream

In the mornings and evenings after applying SENSAI lotion, use the supplied spatula to take an appropriate amount of cream onto your hands and apply over your entire face.

Formulated with a golden ratio of proprietary oils, this cream strikes the fine balance of achieving a rich, indulgent texture with a smooth, silky finish. Featuring Koishimaru Silk Infinite and Sakura Eternal Complex, this cream addresses the key contributors of visible skin ageing. From the first touch, skin looks and feels denser and smoother, emanating an inner light.

Lotion Texture

This ritual is based on the concept of double moisturising; a two-step skincare ritual that consists of a lotion, followed by an emulsion/cream.  Greater moisture levels are achieved for skin with double moisturising than when a product is used alone. Both steps have respective roles within the moisturisation process. First, the lotion supplies the stratum corneum with abundant moisture, then the emulsion/cream forms a film to seal in the moisture that has been absorbed. Double Moisturising is designed to provide an ideal combination of water and oil, an essential component to the hydration of skin.

The cherry blossom on top: Sensai is committed to sustainability

The Geranium Thunbergii Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract used in the ULTIMATE range is derived from herbs grown in recycling-oriented farms while the Glycosyl Trehalose fermented ingredient is derived from microorganisms. Both the lotion and cream bottles are made partially of post-consumer recycled glass with their cushioning material made of a non-woven, plant-derived cloth. The outer carton, which is made of FSC certified material, partially contains bagasse, a non-wood fibrous material that is recycled from sugarcane waste.

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