Why you should be multi-masking

A face mask is a fantastic way to supercharge your skin and multi-masking takes it a step further.

By Ingrid Wood

I have always been a fan of layering – be it fragrance or skincare and, by nature, am a multi-tasker (who isn’t?!) so the concept of multi-masking ticks a couple of boxes for me.

The reason multi-masking is so effective is because very few of us have a one-product-fits-all complexion. In a nutshell, multi-masking is simply applying different masks to different areas of the face simultaneously, enabling targeted treatment of different skin concerns. Using this technique, you can customise your skincare routine according to your needs. For example, if you have an oilier T-zone, you might want to apply a clay mask to that area for oil absorption, while a hydrating mask on the cheeks will alleviate dryness. You can also add an eye-specific mask around the eye area.  Read the instructions well – some masks can be left on (and only the excess needs to be tissued off), but others such as a clay mask, will need to be removed after a certain time to avoid irritation or sensitivity. If you remove all traces of your masks, follow with a lotion or serum to lock in the benefits.

The benefits of multi-masking are many. Firstly, it allows you to treat different parts of your face with masks that are best suited for specific skin types and concerns. This is especially effective for people with combination skin but most of us at some point have areas that need different care.

Secondly, multi-masking can help to save money on skincare products with more targeted purchasing. While you will initially have to buy a couple of masks, by using less product on smaller areas, you will score in the long run.

Lastly, multi-masking can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. By taking the time to apply masks to different areas of your face, you are giving yourself a mini facial. It allows you to de-stress, unwind and enjoy some self-care – be it savouring a cold glass of bubbles or catching up on Netflix. Now that is the right way to multi-task!

For radiance and smoothing: Sisley Exfoliating Enzyme Mask, R2 000

The highly effective papain, a 100% natural-origin enzyme, exfoliates in just one minute. Simply apply a teaspoon-sized amount of the powder into your palm and add enough water to make a paste. Apply where needed – avoiding the eye contour area – and remove after a minute. Quick and effective, this is one of the best hybrid skincare products I have tried. Use once or twice a week.


For oily skin: Nuxe Instamasque Purifying Smoothing Mask, R525

This mask combines soothing rose floral water and purifying white clay to gently cleanse and sanitise the skin. Spread a large drop of mask over the required areas and leave on for two minutes and remove. Unlike many other clay masks, this one has a light and fresh texture so doesn’t leave any sensation of dryness or tightness.


For lifting and plumping: Filorga Lift Mask, R174

The power of a serum concentrated in a mask means a visible effect in under 15 minutes. The sheet mask, which contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, is applied like a second skin, enabling the skin to “drink” it up. The result is firmer skin that looks more plumped up. This is also the perfect travel mask as its one-application packaging is so easy to pack.


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