Pamper yourself with a niche perfume

Juliette has a gun approaches perfumery as an art and the new Ode to Dullness is one of its masterpieces.

By Ingrid Wood

Niche fragrance houses have brought a refreshing creativity to perfume. From the name and packaging to the juice itself, the independent or artisanal perfumers have the freedom to create unique olfactory experiences.

Usually created in small batches with limited distribution, niche fragrances are made from the finest ingredients and are crafted by hand, providing an olfactory journey that is certainly unlike any mass-produced perfume. There really is something extra luxurious about a scent that very few other people own.

Juliette has a gun is one of those brands that brings surprise and intrigue to a new consumer every time. A nod to the Shakespearian heroine, the gun is a metaphor for the perfume, Juliette’s weapon of seduction or her accessory of bluff. Armed with her perfume, this liberated woman is on a mission to take charge of her life.

The range has amusing and quirky names – Into the Void, A Lust for Sun, Not a Perfume, Sunny Side Up, Moscow Mule, to name a few, and the latest to arrive on our shores is Ode to Dullness.

Ode to Dullness reveals “the extraordinary poetry that can be found in the dullness of everyday life”, says the brand, citing how the dullness of the ordinary hides the mystery. Think of the comforting predictability of a slow Sunday or the light of the sun on a flower. The composition is minimalist, but intriguing: at its core is the unexpected badiane (spicy anise) and freesia which give it a light dimension, while sensual sandalwood and cashmere bring a cosy warmth. The result? A clean, comforting fragrance that wraps you in a velvety halo.

Juliette has a gun Ode to Dullness EDP 50ml (R2 290 and 100ml R3020) can be found at Skins Cosmetics.

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