Thule will help you travel in style

No matter where you’re going this holiday season, or how long you’re going for, this luxury luggage brand has you covered with tips for choosing the right bag, and how to pack it

By Tayla Sassen
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With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us are planning to travel, whether it be to our families for New Year, or on a much-needed vacation. Either way, you’re going to need luggage that provides you with the safety, comfort, and durability Thule prides itself on.

“We’ve found that one of travellers’ biggest stressors is packing – how to pack and what luggage to pack it all in,” explains Jamie Owen, marketing manager for Thule SA. This is where the Thule team comes in. They’ve shared their top tips for picking the right suitcase for your needs, and how to pack it.

Depending on the length of stay or climate of your vacation spot, you’re going to need to choose a bag that will fit all your necessities (and maybe a few luxuries). But that’s not all you need to consider when choosing your bag size.

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Keep calm and carry-on

You may be tempted to pack light and only take a carry-on. This is a great option for skipping the customs and baggage collection queues but there are certain things to keep in mind.

  • What are your airline’s weight and height restrictions for carry-on luggage?
  • Is there convenient storage in overhead bins?
  • Are you going for a weekend or a month?

You’re going to want to choose a bag that keeps the above in mind, while also providing you with additional extras such as:

  • Quality rollers with oversized wheels and sturdy telescoping handles
  • Clever storage features including crushproof compartments for fragile gear
  • Bags that transition seamlessly from travel to the boardroom
  • A bonus laptop sleeve for travel convenience

Check out a check-in

If you choose to take the check-in route, not only do you have to consider the dimensions of your luggage, but also the type of luggage you choose. If you’re travelling without fragile items, a soft bag may be good enough, but investing in a good quality hard-sided suitcase on wheels will ensure your possessions aren’t damaged, and you can wheel through the airport with comfort and style.

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When you purchase a Thule bag, you don’t have to worry about breakages – whether that be the bag, your items inside, or your back. Each suitcase is of superior quality and has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable.

If you’re travelling with a fair amount of tech, you may want to invest in a specialised bag such as the Thule Subterra PowerShuttle. This tech-friendly suitcase keeps cables, earphones and adaptors organised in a series of elastic loops and has two secure zip pockets for smaller items such as power banks and external hard drives.

If you want to take extra precautions to keep your laptop safe when travelling, consider an anti-theft laptop bag as seen in the Thule TACT range. The entire range offers RFID-blocking pockets that deter thieves, and a laptop sleeve that will protect your computer from bumps and scratches on those long-haul flights.

Thule Subterra Carry On © Supplied

Pack a punch

Now that you’ve chosen a bag, you’ll need to start packing. The Thule team has come up with some packing hacks that are bound to make this task easier and more efficient.

  • Personalise your bag with a bold sticker or colourful ribbon so that you can spot it from a mile away on the baggage carousel.
  • Pack your most useful items at the top of your bag, keep your larger valuables in your carry-on, and your smaller valuables in an inside compartment.
  • Make sure you always place your prescription medication and a change of underwear in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost in transit.
  • An easy way to pack lighter is to pack neutral clothes that can be mixed and matched, as well as lint rollers and fabric refreshers so that they can be reworn.
  • Pack a battery pack for your phone or iPad so you’re not without power when you land. Solar charging devices are also fantastic if you don’t have access to electricity.
  • Keep all your electronics in a small bag at the top of your case so that you can minimise the hassle at airport security.
  • Maximise space in your bag by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Alternatively, use compression packing cubes or garment folders.
  • If you have a lot of cables, a good idea is to separate them and store them in various Ziploc bags.
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