Desigual x M. Christian Lacroix winter collection hits the stores

The couturier’s evocative prints take us on an imaginary journey as a 14-year love affair culminates in a vibrant collection

By Ingrid Wood

Barcelona-based French designer, Christian Lacroix has a long-standing relationship with Desigual. Fourteen years in fact. It goes back to when he first saw a Desigual coat on the streets of Paris and he felt as though the person wearing it was part of his own styling team. “I fell in love with the brand because of its different way of producing clothes for everyone whose inspirations, themes and roots are common to mine, including my passion for colours, prints and patchwork that I have always loved,” says Christian.

Desigual, which describes itself as “not a brand but a group of people who believe in the power of creativity as a way of life”, was established in Barcelona, Spain in 1984 by Thomas Meyer when he designed a jacket that is now considered one of the first upcycled products in the fashion industry. It’s now available in over 100 countries. Famous for the individuality and unique character of its creations, the aim behind the vibrant designs is to “bring positivity and authenticity to people who want to express the best version of themselves”.

Christian Lacroix is one of those people, hence the long-term relationship and the only brand he works with regularly. His Autumn/Winter 2023/24 collection takes us on an imaginary journey to abstract landscapes and reveals the designer’s passion and love of colour and confessed addiction to prints – in this case, created using a digital collage for magnificent distortions, zooms and plays on micro-macro scales.

The transitional collection is grouped into two print ranges: The first is a splash of neon pinks and greens, with blue, red and amber tones, flower motifs, ink blots and mineral textures on black backgrounds. The second – a palette of earth tones and acid touches where prints, landscapes, tapestries and animals intermingle – is inspired by Christian Lacroix’s own collections of illustrated books, photos and postcards. The Desigual x M. Christian Lacroix collection is now available in store in Sandton City or order online: https://www.desi-sa.co.za/

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