The transformative power of colour: Chanel explores hues of blue

The Comètes Collective explores the powerful connection between colour and individuality

By Ingrid Wood

Choosing a colour to wear is a form of self-expression; it’s how you define your style and the impact you want to have. The colours we gravitate towards often also reveals our mindset and attitude and says something about who we are and the way we like to present ourselves. This emotional connection is the foundation for the Chanel Spring 2024 collection Comètes Collective, designed by makeup artist Valentina Li.

The chromatic ocean

Our relationship to colour is personal, says Valentina, who dives into the depths of the ocean with her mermaid-like take on the woman who wears blue in a surprising way. Valentina has captured her vision of Chanel style in a colour palette characterised by a shade of blue that draws inspiration drawn from the heart of the ocean but is expressed in different forms – the rich blues of the depths, the shimmer effect as the sunlight reflects off sea, the iridescence of pearls and seashells, and the rich orange of corals. “To me, the colour blue feels like diving into the ocean. The exhilaration I experience when the waves brush against my skin. In this moment, I can really open up my imagination and let it run free. Blue is the window to the soul.

“Water has been my inspiration for years,” says Valentina. “I remember the first time I saw rain when I was a child. I kept asking questions about the colour of the water: why is the ocean blue and the river green? In doing so, I discovered that water and light are magical makers of colour. Water is the source of everything, including us. The appeal of my collection lies in the mystery of the colour blue, its connection to us, and the way it endlessly surprises us. I want everyone to really be able to feel that.”

The highlighter

Lumière de L’Océan is a transparent shade with blue shimmer and the pearlescent highlighter with its sheer finish and embossed design is reminiscent of gentle ripples on the water’s surface. The versatile product can be used as an everyday illuminator on the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and brow bone, or layered for a bold effect.

The eyeshadow palette

Les 4 Ombres Rivage features four colours found along the coast that represent the meeting of land and sea: a satin turquoise, champagne, luminous matte brown and a translucent shade with gold and pink shimmer. 

The eyeliner

The Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Bleu Abysse is an intense matte electric blue liner that can be applied to the upper and lower lash lines and lightly blended for a smoky eye with a difference. 


The nails

Le Vernis in Lagune, a metallic sky blue, is intended to depict the colour of the sea at sunset and reveals a pretty sparkle as the hands move.

The highlighting balm

Baume Essential in the aptly named Mermaid Glow is a sparkling shade with pink and gold shimmer like a pearly seashell. Apply to the eyelids, the inner corner of the eyes and the lips for a radiant finish

To create contrast, Valentina also designed a palette of coral tones to complement the ocean blue hues and warm up the complexion. Les 4 Ombres Coral Treasure is a compact presentation of lilac pink, coral orange, bright fuchsia and a satiny apricot, and the Roses Coquillage Blush Duo comes in a matte warm pink and light coral. Rouge Allure Laque in Sea Shell (a rosy beige) and Sea Star (a brick red) add a shot of brightness to the lips, or if you prefer a more natural finish, try Rouge Coco Baume in Coralline and Anémone. Combine with Le Vernis Sun Drop – a ‘sunset by the sea’ on your nails. 

The colour of allure

“The playful aspect of makeup is really important to me,” says Valentina. “If you are into blue, you can have a lot of fun with the electric blue shades and then use Lumière de L’Océan highlighter to accentuate the looks you create. If soft pink and orange are more your colours, then Les 4 Ombres Coral Treasure and Baume Essentiel in shimmering pink coordinates perfectly with the Blush Duo.” And for the experimental woman, “go ahead and mix and match all the shades in the collection: blue eye makeup, pink cheeks, and red-orange lips,” says Valetina. 

The Chanel Spring 2024 collection is now available in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutiques.

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