Revitalise your skin in just 20 minutes

Infused with stem cell technology, the new QMS Collagen Sheet Mask is a game changer for skin repair

By Ingrid Wood

Each time I have a QMS treatment I am reminded of just how exceptional this brand is. I also understand why it is the brand of choice at so many top hotels and spas around the world – in South Africa, it is stocked at the likes of Ellerman House, Cape Grace, Fairlawn’s Spa, Saxon Hotel, Steenberg and Royal Malewane to name a few.

The range was formulated by Dr Erich Schulte, an aesthetic surgeon and authority on skin ageing and skin regeneration, whose research into collagen-enhancing technology became the foundation of a bespoke regenerative skincare system. It goes back to the 70s when Dr Schulte worked in reconstructive plastic surgery at Göttingen University Clinic in Germany where he treated patients with severe accident and burn wounds. His investigation into skin regeneration led him to discover how collagen could improve the appearance of damaged, scarred skin. From there, he developed a unique collagen complex still regarded as one of the most groundbreaking innovations in the beauty industry. Following their use pre- and post-operatively, in 1987 he developed QMS Medicosmetics and made it available to other surgeons, beauty salons and spas.

Collagen is the building block of good skin. Not only does it help repair damaged cells, along with elastin, a stretchy protein, it’s also responsible for keeping skin firm and plump. As we age, our collagen production slows down and skin starts to wrinkle and sag.

The foundation trio of QMS Medicosmetics is still the AHA Active Exfoliant, Collagen Day Serum and Collagen Night Serum, but the range is now a full product solution with complementary in-salon treatments, the latest of which is the Collagen Sheet Mask.

A QMS treatment will always include a skin analysis so that each facial can be tailor-made and additional elements can be added on. My treatment started with a cleanse and a light fruit acid exfoliation before the mask was applied. Infused with 100 per cent collagen fibres, peptides, and molecules as well as stem cell technology, the mask is a sheet snugly placed over the face and then activated with a deeply hydrating Activator Fluid. The eyes and lips are covered to also get the benefits (but if you are prone to claustrophobia, your therapist can leave them uncovered) and a hole is made around the nostrils for breathing. QMS Skin Expert Andy Vilakazi (whose extensive experience in the aesthetic industry can be felt in her touch and application) explained how the mask has a triple action: the collagen peptides promote regeneration and repair, the collagen molecules provide intensive moisture, help smooth out wrinkles, and reduce redness, while the advanced Swiss Apple Stem Cell

Complex protects, repairs the skin’s barrier, and promotes healing. Andy applied the ultra-hydrating sumptuous Algae Face Mask over the Collagen Sheet Mask to aid in absorption of the collagen treatment, while also infusing the skin with more moisture and a proper glow to go. The algae mask is very cool and soothing and helped me to doze off for a few minutes while Andy massaged my hands with the Body Balance Protection Hand Cream.

The effects are exactly as described and immediately visible: plump, hydrated, more even-toned glowing skin, and were still visible the next day. This is the ideal treatment for a pick-me-up but ideally should be a regular fixture in your routine if you want your skin to look younger for longer. The Collagen Sheet Mask is a 20-minute treatment that can be added to any QMS Signature Facial. To order products or for more information, call 0860 01 80 22 or email info@futurethis.co.za To book a treatment, find a QMS salon or spa in your area here.

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