Perfection in a Bottle: Sisley’s New Skin-Transforming Formulation

The French brand’s latest foundation – Phyto-Teint Perfection – harnesses the power of plants and is available in 22 stunning shades

By Ingrid Wood

French skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, and haircare company Sisley has been pushing boundaries for almost 50 years. What made it different from other luxury beauty houses when it launched in 1976 was the approach: a firm belief in phyto-cosmetology – the power of plants combined with the science of cosmetics.

The science

This approach continues today – high-quality products and natural key ingredients that are both effective and sensorial. This extends beyond skincare to makeup and Sisley has incorporated exceptional skincare into each of its foundations. The latest launch, Phyto-Teint Perfection contains the Ideal Skin Complex, which improves skin quality with regular use. Powerful plant extracts assist with hydration (cucumber and a Glyco-complex), refining pores (green lentil) and radiance (buckwheat extract and peach blossom). In addition, burdock helps to purify, while peony soothes.

The finish

Although Phyto-Teint Perfection provides a matte finish and medium to high coverage, there is no dryness or flakiness that often accompanies a matte finish foundation – in fact, it is super light on the skin and gives a luminous glow, blurring slight blemishes. It also glides on easily and evens out naturally. I love the fact that it’s transfer-resistant (you can go in for a close hug) and comes in 22 shades, so there really is an option for everyone.

The hue for you

Finding the right match can be tricky. It often looks perfect in-store but then once settled, is too dark or too light in natural light. A common mistake is testing the foundation on your wrist or hand – the skin on your face is not the same colour as the rest of your body; rather test on your jawline.

You can get an idea of your skin undertone by holding up silver or gold foil close to your face: If the gold foil complements your skin, you have a warm skin tone. If the reflection from the silver foil makes your skin glow, you have a cool skin tone. Some people may look fine with both, which means you have a neutral tone. However, the best is to go to a beauty counter and try a few swatches. Most beauty brands will share samples for you to take home and test in a different light.

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