Brows That Wow: The Secret to Flawless Arches

Discover the latest brow trends, as Benefit’s Ramon Visazie shares insights into the most coveted looks and how to achieve them effortlessly

By Ingrid Wood

Throughout the years, eyebrows have made style statements. From artist Frida Kahlo’s famous unibrow which contributed to her anti-establishment identity, model Brooke Shields’ bushy brows that defied model looks at the time to actress Gabrielle Union, whose thick brows always complement her facial structure and just always look so natural.

Besides making a Frida-like statement, well-shaped eyebrows can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the face:

· A well-shaped brow can shape your face. For example, arched brows are great for slimming down rounded faces, while flatter brow shapes can create the illusion of a shorter, more balanced face.

· The right shape will frame and flatter eyes and give a natural lift.

· They can balance out features or correct minor flaws such as eyes that are too far apart.

Not many people have naturally full, perfectly shaped brows and as we age, brows often follow their own path. And then there is the issue of overplucking, which can have disastrous results. But the tiniest of tweaks can add structure and definition.


Benefit is a brand that has always been at the forefront of brows and recently added two more products to the range that make beautiful brows that much easier to achieve. The Precisely, My Brow Detailer allows for microfine details to the tips and tails and comes in six waterproof and smudge-proof shades, while the Precisely, My Brow Wax has a dual-sided brush (domed and flat) for targeted application. The 12 shades are also smudge- and waterproof.

We chatted with Ramon Visazie, Benefit SA Brow Expert:

How should we care for our brows?

Brows are hair so they need to be cared for the same way we look after our hair. The brow area is part of your eyes, and the most sensitive skin on the body, so never use facial toners over brows. If you have had brow lamination or a brow tint, it is always best to treat the hair afterwards. Whoah So Soft is a brow oil that conditions, moisturises and enhances shine. If your brows are sparse, Hubba Brow Serum is a must-have. The gentle formula, which has been clinically tested (and is suitable for sensitive skin), contains a blend of vitamins, plant extracts and rice protein to help brows look healthier and fuller over time.

What is the current brow trend?

We are still seeing some bleaching and laminated brows from 2023, but the era of more natural and authentic brows is here. Bushy, untamed brows reflect a return to nature, celebrating individual uniqueness. Texture, some fluff, some dimension, character… that is what will frame your unique facial canvas.

What is the most important thing one should not do when shaping brows?

Over-threading or over-waxing. Brows should be sisters, not twins and not stepsisters.

How do you suggest using the new My Brow Pencil and My Brow Detailer?

I always start my routine using the Precisely, My Brow Pencil. Outline at the base of your brow, from the start of the brow to the arch and then from the arch to the end. Repeat the same process on top or where you need the definition, filling in sparse areas. I use Precisely, My Brow Detailer to create dimension or where needed. Using a lighter shade in the Detailer will create dimension and hair-like strokes to fill sparse areas.


Which is your favourite Benefit brow product and why?

Who has only one pair of shoes? Who has only one handbag in their closet? Why should you have only one Benefit brow product? My mood determines how I style my brows. It is like having only one fragrance, but we have four seasons, and for each season we have different fragrances. And then we have casual days or weekends and formal or office days. We style our brows differently every time, so having only one favourite brow product would be an injustice to yourself.

Benefit is available at Arc stores, Woolworths, Edgars and Superbalist.

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