A Sense of Winter: Warm, musky, woody fragrances crafted by the world’s best design houses

Explore our list of the best scents of the winter season created for both olfactory pleasure and design excellence

By Busi Manunga

It’s now well-documented that the scent one wears plays a major role in contributing to the wearer’s overall well-being. From the scent one wears to their first day on the job, to the parfum one picks as the ideal match for a long-anticipated rendezvous. Your winter fragrance selection has the same effect. As we lean into darker days, longer nights and the rising chill in one’s bones, what better way to cheer the heart than by creating an effervescent atmosphere of comfort with our latest designer winter choices.

For the love of Vuitton: A design house much-loved for their approach to modernizing every element of luxury from couture to their now-iconic fragrance line, Louis Vuitton introduces their latest release, a woody, warm spicy and green unisex scent for the lover of light. Created in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Master Perfumer Jacques CavallierBelletrud – the exclusive perfumer behind nearly all of Louis Vuitton’s scents – Lovers is a wonder in design as the bottle’s classic glass cylindrical silhouette looks to permanently reflect and refract sunlight.

The juice, as viewed through the pink, blue and green prismatic finish, is comprised of top notes of bergamot and galbanum, a surprising middle note of ginger and a base of cedarwood and sandalwood which deepens the scent allowing it to linger through the colder weather.  Louis Vuitton LVers 100ml EDP, R 9 900.00 Available in store and at louisvuitton.com Faithful to its heritage of collaboration, Louis Vuitton provides an exquisite collaboration between the House’s Master Perfumer and the legendary architect Frank Gehry. The sixth fragrance from Vuitton’s Les Extraits Collection, Myriad is not only a masterfully crafted scent of Bulgarian Rose, Assam Oud, leather and saffron which transports the wearer across cultures and eras, it is also a marvel in design – with Frank Gehry having created the whimsical bottle and cap.

A scent for the fragrance hunter looking to escape the winter and delve into the mysteries of Southern Asia, Myriad brings a majestic bittersweet and slightly leathery delight to the senses. Louis Vuitton Myriad 100ml EDP, R 9 900.00 Available in store and at louisvuitton.com

A combination for all skins: The quintessential winter fragrance combination of musks, ambery vanillas and deep woods can be experienced upon crossing the threshold of a fragrance store and landing straight into the heart of the comfort one desires from their colder weather scent companion. In this way Goldfields and Banks Australia’s Silky Woods Elixir stands as the gold standard of oudy, musky, magnetic scents for the scent enthusiast looking to outrun the cold and feel the heat of the Outback through scent.

With a touch of fig leaf and oakmoss added to the full complexity of fig, oud and vanilla present from the original Silky Woods, this unisex scent will embolden the wearer even on the dreariest of days.  Goldfields and Banks Australia Silky Woods Elixir 100ml, R 6040.00 Available at Skins Cosmetics

Leather and tar: Inherently reminiscent of the appeal of traveling the road in the heat while reclining in the driver’s seat of a luxury vehicle, Matiere Premier’s Falcon Leather can be the comforting blanket of a scent you’re looking for, if you’re happy to enjoy something with a bit of a masculine touch.

Intriguing in its use of saffron, labdanum, birch tar and agarwood to create this masterful scent, Falcon Leather is perfect for the fragrance lover who feels the need to wear something with the warmth and spicy nature of tobacco without the overwhelming smokiness that can be found in a wintry tobacco scent. Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather 100ml EDP, R 4950.00 Available at Skins Cosmetics

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